Friday, 18 January 2008

Are you enjoying...

...the weather?

I'm not, but if you want something to make you smile - I found this pic on a craft website :o)

Thought it was brill.............

Friday, 11 January 2008

I'm back...

...what a relief, back on line :o)

Internet is down... home :o(

At the moment I have a problem with my internet access from home so I am having to rely on access from work. Not ideal as the system is so slow and there are limits/restrictions placed on the sites that can be accessed (grrrrrrrrrrrrr).

So, if this blog doesn't get up dated for a while it's not cos I'm ignoring you all - it's that I can't get on-line.

Hope DH gets things sorted pretty quickly....................

Saturday, 5 January 2008

A to Z...

...of ???????????

I have signed up for an A to Z Art Journal over on UKS that is being run by It's a Creative World.

I have had fun and games trying to add a button link over on the RHS ... and failed completely :o( I followed all the instructions (honest LOL) but I couldn't get the code to work so I've sort of created a 'work around'.

I've added the 'button' as a pic and then added a link below it - not quite what was intended, but hey, it works LOL

Every two weeks there will be an email prompt for the next letter of the alphabet.

I will be doing 6x6 book which I will bind with my BIA when it is finished. I didn't want to do a book just about me so my theme is "A to Z of Whatever" - this way I can include loads of stuff that takes my fancy..................

Friday, 4 January 2008

Am loving... BIA.

Just a quick picccy of some little notebooks I made using the card from a cube shaped choc box, papermania PPs and pretty ribbons.

Mum asked if I could make her some little books for her club so this is the start. Just gotta find some more card.

I really am enjoying playing with my Bind-it-All. It is a fabby little gadget. Think I might be making a desk calendar using this same format - and before you say "it's already January", I know LOL but if I make it myself I can start on any month I like and continue it into 2009..............

Thursday, 3 January 2008

357 days... Christmas LOL

Okay, so I chickened out - noticed the countdown on my Christmas tree over on the RHS had started to countdown again. As I'm still not sure how I managed to load it in the first place I've just moved it to the bottom and it can merrily countaway the days.....