Sunday, 30 September 2012


...or re-cycling - whatever you want to call it.

My friend Paula is working her way around the house and each week she highlights a room or type of possession to look at with a view to de-cluttering, brightening up or just storing in a different way.

A short while ago she kindly featured my Mug hugs and this week she is featuring another of her crafting friends and is focusing on 'Bottles & Jars'.

I'm sure most folk who craft have a few of this sort of thing squirreled away somewhere...
...even though we have a glass re=cycling service in our area it always seems a shame to put them out when they can be used for things like paper-clip pots and sweetie jars.

Here are a couple from my desk... fairly plain and uncluttered and the other embellished to within an inch of its life LOL

This one with all the flowers and bows on was one I made last year for a Magnolia challenge...
...'Patch Tilda' sits amongst the flowers guarding the sweeties that live inside the jar.

This other jar was kept more utilitarian as it contains my paper-clips... was really very quick and simple to make. Some pretty PP wrapped around the jar and some co-ordinating ribbon (all from my stash - the PPs are Kay & Co. and the ribbon was some leftovers from a BoBunny class kit).

I didn't want too much clutter on the jar otherwise I wouldn't use it... just a scalloped punched circle of co-ordinating bazzill CS and some paper blooms on the lid was as far as I was going to go - but then the swing tag sort of snuck-in **giggle** and I must admit I rather like the little extra decoration.

So why don't you have a rummage in those cupboards and use up some of that stash to make something useful and pretty. If you'd like a few more ideas - hop over to Paula's blog to see what super things are shown there.......................................

Saturday, 29 September 2012

What's Rocking Your World...

...this week?
Hop on over to Virginia's blog to see the things that have been making folk smile this week, or just lightening their lives for a while.

Workwise the week didn't start too promising - after a wet, windy and very cold weekend the office was like an ice box on Monday morning. Unfortunately, being a Government department things like heating etc. follow very ridged guidelines and heating in buildings does not go on until AFTER the 1st October. Senior management stepped in and the heating will be switched on this weekend so that monday morning should see the office at a reasonable temperature...way to go common sense.

It has also been quite depressing at work seeing all the decorations relating to the Olympics & Paralympics gradually disappearing - the colourful images across the front of the station have started to come down. With the change in the weather everywhere is starting to look very 'grey'...but never fear...

Along side platform 13 of the Jubilee Line there is a celebration wall...
...sorry the photos aren't great but the lighting is very poor and the info is all behind glass...
...but it brought a smile to my face to see that at least there was something to recognise the fantastic achievements of our athletes...
...the wall lists everyone who won a medal - way to go London Transport!!!

Other things that have brightened my week...

* Having lunch with some friends - although we work in the same building we rarely get to spend time together so getting together and going out to lunch was lovely. It's great to escape from the office even for a short while and just enjoy a pleasant natter with mates.

* Having staff that 'nag' me (in a nice way; of course). When we have busy spells at work it is easy to forget to stop long enough to breath, let alone make a drink or eat lunch - so a big thank you to my peeps who remind me **grin**

* Feeling satisfied with my efforts to replace the net curtains in my hall and rear porch (even if I realised I hadn't put the nets up and decided to get stuck in at silly o'clock). Cleaning windows and hanging new nets at 10.30pm is not the ideal but oh how lovely they looked when they were up.

* Also relating to net curtains - the lovely owner of the shop who rummaged and found in her store room some in the length I needed. Although what she had left on the roll was slightly short of what I needed, she let me have it based on the price rounded down to the last full metre. So I have now cleaned the windows in the dining room and replaced the nets thare too - I love new nets.

* Thursday crop night - even if we didn't get much crafting done. We laughed so much the tears ran...oh it does a body good to just be silly sometimes.

* 30% off Members Weekends which allow me to purchase some of the crafting goodies that would otherwise stay on my wishlist. New dies, embossing folders and stamps managed to find their way home with me **big smile**

* Loyalty schemes that allow me to almost complete my collection of Spectrum Noir pens (just the 6pk of pinks to go and it will be a full set).

* Daniel Craig as James Bond - I didn't think I would like him in the part but this week I have watched both of the Bond movies that were shown on ITV and I have to say I have been won over.

So quite a few things going on this week that have Rocked my World...what's been rocking yours?........................................

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

May each day in the week be a good day...

...May the Lord always watch over you
And may all of your hopes turn to wishes
And may all of your wishes come true

May each day in the month be a good day
May you make friends with each one you meet
And may all of your daydreams be mem'ries
And may all of your mem'ries be sweet

The weeks turn to months and the months into years
There'll be sadness and joy, there'll be laughter and tears
But one thing I pray to heaven above
May each of your days be a day full of love

May each day in the year be a good day
May each dawn find you happy and gay
And may all of your days be as lovely
As the one you shared with me today

May each day of your life be a good day
And good night.

I remember as a child sitting and watching the Andy Williams show and looking forward to the Christmas specials. It was through this show that I first got to 'meet' the Osmonds (yes I was a Donny fan rather than David Cassidy & the Partridge Family) and it has to be Andy William's version of "Oh Holy Night" that tops my favourite Christmas songs.

The shows were fun and entertaining - the sort of thing all the family could sit down and enjoy (anyone remember the Cookie Monster?).

The lyrics above were used every week to bring the show to a close and whilst I didn't know all the words, I probably knew most of them. However, as a child the meaning behind the words never sunk-in but it was strange that these were the words that popped into my head when I read that Andy Williams passed away at the age of 84. He leaves behind some very well know tunes - even present youngsters will be familiar with many of his songs (even if they don't know who Andy Williams was) because they have been used in TV adverts.

R.I.P. Mr Williams - the angels are going to enjoy your music first hand from now on............................................

Sunday, 23 September 2012


...yes, I'm late again LOL
Despite all my best intentions, it's now Sunday and I'm only just getting around to doing my 'Rocking' post. If you don't know what I'm going on about - each Friday the lovely Virginia prompts us to take a look back at our week and highlight the things that have made us smile, brightened our worlds or just out and out Rocked it (in a good way, of course). Hop on over to Virginia's blog to see what I mean. As I'm late again this week, I'm not going to progress through the week - I'll just dip in and tell you about a few things. I actually got a bit of time to sit down and do a little bit of colouring...yipeee!!!...the image that I wanted to play with was a freebie from the lovely Krista (Saturated Canary).
I decided to have a play with my new Spectrum Noir pens.
Although I only have a limited amout of the available colours, I did pick up some more from "In2Crafting" as they were having a double points day and I had a loyalty voucher. Yay for loyalty schemes **big grin** I managed to stop stroking my 'Tim' cargo case and actually put some ink pads in it.
I know I have many more of the Distress Ink pads than this but they are obviously tucked away somewhere safe...still, I know I haven't got all the colours so I can work on filling up the available space. Now when you look at it empty, it doesn't look that big but as you can see from above - there is a lot of space in that there box.
Mind you, one of the first things that I've got to get used to is having it up the right way so that I can open it. I'm not sure if I'll decorate the outside of the box or just leave it as is.
I might just make a handle charm or something...have to think about that one. Work has been pretty hectic as it is mid year and all the prep has to be done for staff appraisals. I hate the system we have in place as it feels as if you have to jump through hoops to get any recognition for your staff. With a new management structure this year I didn't hold out any hope for myself and thought it would be difficult sorting out my staff - it came as a surprise to have my new manager indicate that she thought I warrented recognition and that she felt mine was one of only two sites that she manages (14 in total) where she feels she doesn't HAVE to visit because she knows things will be dealt with. That certainly brightened my week. Blogger is not my favourite thing at the moment and I'm struggling with the new format of the Dashboard (I know many folk have been using this for some time but I was clinging on to the old style - bit like a comfort blanket). I proved that I could actually post something so that cheered me up a bit. Me thinks this is going to take some time to get used to. As I'm typing this I have no idea what it will look like but I'm giving it a go. Time to pay the other 'Rockettes' a wee visit - why not come along too........................................

Thursday, 20 September 2012

NOT a Happy Bunny...

...I don't like, don't want this new Blogger interface. I want my old 'comfortable as old slippers' (as Lindsay Mason would say) format. I didn't like it when it appeared four months ago and was sooooooooooo happy when someone found that you could revert to the old format. I've seen messages from Blogger saying that they had made improvements since then...don't know where. It looks just as it did when they brought it in before - didn't like it then - don't like it now!!! I don't "do" techy stuff very easily and after 6 years of blogging I was just beginning to feel comfortable with being able to get the system to do what I wanted it to. To make it worse (as if that's possible **snort**) the new interface is not compatible with my PC at work. So I can't hop on here during my lunch break and I now have no back-up access should I have problems with my PC or broadband connection GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! I was happy with what I had. I don't want or need all-singing & dancing systems in the same way that I don't want or need an i-phone or a smart phone (but that's another tale). So I'm not very happy at the moment. Think I'll make myself a coffee and just sulk for a while......................... EDT: I'd also forgotten how this new format doesn't publish in the paragraphs that I've typed - it runs everything together as a block **great deal of teeth knashing**

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Here is the...

...latest progressive challenge - CDACPC20.

The image is by Priscilla Styles and for this challenge she offered it in Halloween/neutral/Christmas styles - as you can see, I went for Christmas (oh what a surprise).
I'm still trying to keep postage costs in mind when making my Chrimbo cards this year so this hasn't been given any bulky embellies. That doesn't stop me matting & layering or adding good old stickles to bling things up.
I used the Papermania Urban Christmas words background stamp and white ink on kraft card to create the main background. The image has been coloured with my Copic pens - keeping to a fairly limited range of colours and aiming at a slightly vintage look without going the full-on grunge route.
I tried to give the armchair an old worn leather look and doesn't that puss look like he's stuffed way too much turkey LOL The stickles isn't showing very well in these photos but it gives a lovely twinkle in real life.

Why not hop over to the CDAC site and see what other folk have come up with.........................................

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Rocking your world Friday...

...okay, so it's Sunday...who's checking?

I'm sure someone is pinching a day or two from my week - they can't be flying by this quickly otherwise LOL

...I had to dig deep this week but that's one of the good things about WRYWF. By taking a moment to actually look back over your week you can usual find some things that may have been brief but were enough to bring a smile to your face or to bring a bit of light & fun to your life. Hop on over to Virginia's blog to see what it's all about.

Anyhooo, what's been rocking my week...

A very slow running Virgin Media - no, I haven't completely lost it (honest) - despite it being very frustrating, it has actually been very funny when I've seen some of the things I've typed. Not being a touch typist, I tend to be a 'heads down and watch the fingers' type of gal...which has led to some pretty silly stuff on screen due to the slow connections and delays in stuff getting to the screen. Oh well, only have to wait until Dec/Jan to get my super 'free' double speed connection that is being rolled out ('sposed to have had it in July - quick roll-out ain't it).

Enjoyed a lovely day on Saturday (8 Sept) with Mum. No rush to be anywhere so we just pottered about. Mum picked up a few bargains and I added to my collection of Spectrum Noir pens as there was a demo day at In2Crafting in Wickford (promotion for the day meant I got a free DVD too). Bought some pretty net curtains for the hallway and then stopped to have a lovely lunch.

Sun set from outside Mum's was pretty amazing...

...such vivid colours.

On the whole the week has been pretty busy with rather long days at work. There have been a number of new systems introduced which have been new not just to my staff but also other folk in the building and this has caused a few headaches trying to get things sorted smoothly.

Car had its first service on Friday and passed with flying colours - they even gave it a 'wash & brush-up' so at the moment it is looking pretty shiney (don't think we'll go for such a dark colour next time...). Finally got to pick up my 'Tim' storage ink pads in it yet but it has been stroked a few times LOL

Saturday (15 Sept) and Mum & I had a try and locate somewhere that stocked a free standing, two ring burner, plug-in hob (the sort that can be used in holiday homes and/or student accommodation). We have found that this type of hob suits Mum best as it is just the right height and doesn't take up too much space in her kitchen. The last one came from her local Iceland but they don't stock electrical items anymore. Everywhere we tried only does single hot plates or griddles. The last place we tried was a specialist Camping supplies retailer - yes they do them, no they don't have any in stock, no they won't have any in now until the new season starts ?????? So we failed on that mission but we did stop off for lunch at the local Harvester and enjoyed another lovely meal that neither Mum nor I had had to cook.

Although not a cold day, the wind was quite strong and added a chill to the air but there was another lovely sunset...

...not as vivid as the week before but certainly lovely to look at (even if it didn't last too long).

Today has been a lazy day...a PJ day...the washing was sorted yesterday evening so today I have tried to catch up with my blog reading and have even managed a bit of colouring with my new pens. Isn't it lovely just to take things easy once in a while - especially as I know this coming week is going to be just as busy as the last one. Hope you all have great weeks...........................

It's beginning to look a lot... Christmas.
My friend Claire is giving away a Christmas Candy for her followers to celebrate 60+ folk now following her blog. If you are one of her followers don't forget to drop by and leave her a lovely comment and add your name to the 'linky' thing.

After all the Red/White/Blue that was filling the shops over the Summer (??? - we did have a Summer so they tell me) the Halloween goodies are starting to appear...lots of Black/Orange/Purple...but if you look closely, you'll see that there are also Christmassy bits creaping onto the shelves too.

The Christmas craft ranges are starting to take over from most of the general stuff and I'm really enjoying the mix of kraft with some of the more traditional colours.

Most of the magazines are now full of Autumn and Winter things, whether they be fashion mags or crafting ones...gosh how the seasons wizz by.

I have been rather bad this year with regard to my Christmas cards. I really haven't made that many **hangs head in shame** but I have been knitting so at least I've got a few presents made. I think I need to knuckle down and get some cards sorted before I suddenly realise that Christmas is just around the corner...................................

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Oh Well... didn't take them long to start putting things back to normal here in Stratford.

After all the fun & razamataz of two wonderful sporting events, it feels as if someone was waiting in the wings to pounce and make it seem as if it never happened.

The picture of Ellie Simmonds on the office block above the Westfield centre has been taken down (in double quick time might I add) and the posh brushed-steel sheeting that covered the hoarding around the building site next to my office has all disappeared.

The additional rail & tube services have been withdrawn so we are now back to 'cattle truck' conditions because folk can't afford to let a train go even though it is crowded because it is such a long wait for the next one...surely it would have been better to keep the frequency of trains just reduce the capacity slightly.

Trains are running late again (funny how they managed to keep to the timetables whilst the eyes of the World were upon them) and the 'feel-good' factor is starting to disappear as folk are starting to have to cope with overcrowded, poor public transport all over again.

Oh, and as we speak...the padlocks are going up on the Olympic Park - how frustrating for those who never had the chance to see it before the bulldozers move in and start on the new road networks etc.

The Olympics and Paralympics may be fading from the public view but there is something exciting to look forward to...
Kerryanne over at the Shabby Art Boutique will be holding another Simply Christmas event this year.
Running from the 1st November there will be lots of good things to look at and share so why not hop over there and find out more - then you can make a note in your diary so that you are all set for when the fun begins.......................................

Friday, 7 September 2012

That was a week...

...that was - and it certainly rocked.
Hop on over to Virginia's blog to see what WRYWF is all about. In brief; you take a few moments to look back at your week and pick out the positives/good stuff that made you happy...brought a smile to your lips...or just out & out "Rocked". You'll be surprised what you can find even if it seems to have been a pretty grotty week for one reason or another. There are a small group of lovely folk who do this on a regular basis and they hop over to Virginia's place to share the things they have found.

This has been my week...

On Sunday, I took my Mum for a brief visit to my sister's. These visits don't happen very often because my sister's house isn't easily accessible. We had a lovely natter and catch-up and then I took Mum shopping. On the way we stopped for lunch at a Pub (although near to where my sister lives, I hadn't been in there for years) and we had a delightful meal - def one to add to the list for future visits. Shopping was a success too - I picked up a new winter duvet (King-size) for under £10 and it is no more expensive visits to the cleaners.

Monday was a pretty grotty day at work but oh the lovely surprise when I got home and read my emails. I had won a Tim Holtz storage case in the Pinnacle Crafts Birthday draw. I was bouncing up & down on my chair and kept going back to read the email to make sure I hadn't imagined it **giggle** - even now it is making me smile thinking about it.

The Paralympics have been just awesome and when you see what these folk have overcome to achieve this level of success it is very humbling. In the Olympics Team GB came away with 65 fabulous medals - so far our Paralympic Team GB have 108 and there are still 3 days to go. Wowza!!!

A short while ago my friend Paula asked if I would do a guest spot on her blog. Paula is currently posting weekly ideas for organising & decluttering - each Monday she focuses on a specific thing (sorting your media/make-up/storage) and then on Friday she gives you crafty ideas linked to that topic.

This Monday Paula highlighted mug collections...she suggested we all take a look at what we had in our cupboards and she encouraged us to get rid of any broken/damaged ones or suggested we 'repurpose' them. This was also the week that she asked me to participate in.

Over on Paula's blog she has featured my Mug hugs as a way of sprucing up your mug collections...she has also been very kind and said some really lovely things **blush**
Anyone who visits me on a regular basis will know that I like to knit and that from time to time I make mug hugs/scarves/bits & bobs.
Do hop over to Paula's blog and see all the other ideas she has been sharing lately...I'm sure you'll find something that makes you think "now why didn't I think of that?". If for no other reason, drop in on her to see all her lovely photos - through her camera lens I have watched her children grow-up and I have seen a wonderful part of the world that I probably would never have seen - and Paula is a really lovely that is good enough in itself.

All in all it has been a pretty super (if busy) week. Oh, and before I forget a big welcome to my latest follower...hope you enjoy visiting.

I'll be linking this up over at Virginia's place and dropping in to see what the other 'Rockers' have been up to this week. Have a good one.........................

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Oh what a night...

...and the medal tally for GB reaches 108

31 Gold, 39 Silver and 38 Bronze.

The team total has now smashed the overall number achieved at beijing.

A night when a Peacock...
...strutted his stuff and set a new Paralympic record for the T44 100m...11.90sec...WOW!!!

A night when the "Weir-wolf" had London roaring... he won the T54 800m to achieve his 3rd gold medal of these games.

What a day of fabulous achievements.

Keep going Paralympic Team GB - you are proof that extraordinary is possible.............................................

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

This was not the post...

...I intended this evening.

However, after spending a lovely evening yesterday colouring the latest image I had received from the CDAC Progressive Challenge and making it into a card - I realised I can't share it with you until 17th September...Drat!!!

So let me share some good news that I was saving for this Friday as it certainly rocked my world.

What is the news?

At the demo day on Saturday over at Pinnacle crafts they had a birthday draw for everyone who purchased something on the day. There were two winners and I was one of them.

This is what I have won...
...isn't that just fabulous. When I read the email on Monday I was bouncing around like a loon (good job there wasn't anyone to see me - they would have been dialling for the men in white coats **giggle**).

One of my crafting friends is also a work colleague (although she works in a different building) and I had cause to phone her boss today but she answered.

"Oh Hi Weasel, Chris not around?"

"Hi there, no he's at a meeting. Aren't you a jammy wotsit!" (This from a woman who won a Cricut Mini about 6 months ago).


"Don't you read your emails?"

**Lightbulb moment**

"Oh you mean the 'Tim' thing."

"You know your pens won't fit in it."

"No...but all my Distress ink pads will."

**Big grin & plenty of giggles**

I think my staff were beginning to think I really had lost the plot - demented woman sat at her desk with silly grin on face...talking to a weasel...

In fairness, they do know who Weasel is (that's her user name on UK Scrappers) but I still think they are starting to wonder if I'm slowly (or perhaps not so slowly) losing my marbles.

Still, it's fun chatting to another crafter about such things. Especially when it's things like winning a Tim Holtz Ink Cargo case...........................

Monday, 3 September 2012

Stamping Demo Day...

...or 'numb bum Saturday' took place at Pinnacle Crafts at the weekend.

Andy was showing how to get the most out of your stamps and associated stash. Also, as it was Pinnacle's 9th Birthday on Saturday there was a discount on a lot of stamp related stuff by way of a celebration...well, of course I had to celebrate with them (it would have been very rude not to LOL) and a nice selection of goodies found their way home with me.

Having arrived in plenty of time for the opening, I seated myself and enjoyed a morning of some fabulous tips and ideas from Andy. In an effort to not block the view of the folk behind me I tried to keep low in my seat but it isn't the most comfortable ways of sitting (this was the numb bum part).

Andy has certainly been busy and many of the samples that he had prepared have been shown on his blog or will be over the coming weeks - do hop over there and take a look.

Saturday was also the launch day for the latest DoCraft promotion and as there are quite a few 'stampy' things...these also decided they were mine.
The Home for Christmas range is lovely (Red & White) and there are some fab Urban stamps - especially the 'Word' background stamp.
Stamped in white pigment ink onto kraft CS it looks very effective.
This is quite a big stamp at 6 x 6 inches so it needs a large acrylic block (yep, DoCrafts remembered to include one in their range).
This was the white pigment ink stamp pad - one of a range of new pads (also from DoCraft) and a pretty good price too at just £1.99.
I love this stamp but I did struggle with the size. I gave up with the block and just placed it face-up on a flat surface, inked it all over and then carefully placed the CS on top. I carefully smoothed the CS over the stamp and then lifted it up and away - taking care not to let it slip or drop back. If I hadn't been in such a rush to try it out I would probably have used my brayer to apply an even pressure all over (unfortunately, I seem to have put it away for safe keeping **giggle**).

Demo days are always good get to watch someone showing you new get to meet up with friends...and you usually end up spending (oh what a surprise LOL).

Andy makes his demos 'real' and he doesn't try to hide things that haven't quite worked...he uses these things to show that things don't always work perfectly - no matter who you are.

Thank you Andy for another fabulous day of tips & ideas........................

Saturday, 1 September 2012

WRYWF post...

...has another week really passed by?
For anyone who doesn't know what "WRYWF" is all about - a small group of craft minded folk take a look at their week and share the positives that they have found during their 'look back'. They could be mega things or just a little something that brought a smile to your face. The "Rockettes" then toddle over to Virginia's blog to leave a link to make it easy to share...why not hop over ther and have a look - better still, why not join in.

Last weekend was another long one because of Bank Holiday Monday - it's lovely having that extra day where you don't have to get up and go to work. However, it does tend to throw the rest of the week out of kilter. I seem to have spent most of the week trying to work out what day it was LOL.

Actually getting some reading done (first time in ages) although probably not the best written of works but I just had to read "50 Shades..." to see what all the hype was about. Just a few pages left of book 3 to finish off.

On the subject of "50 Shades..." - I received an email that made me giggle. The mens version of "50 Shades of grey"...
...and knowing the habits of the fellas in my life - this is probably about as much as they would read

Having a very pleasant evening at the Thursday crop - we were all making braided ribbons ready for use on LOs at the next session. There was a lot of silly giggling as some of the ladies got in a bit of a pickle with their ribbons but they got the hang of it in the end.

I hope you have all had a lovely week - I've been dipping in and out of the Paralympics on TV and have to say it is more than extraordinary seeing what these folk are achieving...such an inspiration. Here's hoping the coming week is fab too..............................................