Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Time to... Andy.
(Photo heavy post)

This is Andy (Pinnacle Crafts) all organised and ready to introduce folks to the wonders of Inkadinkadoo's "Stamping Gear"
Despite the snow trying it's best to put folk off on Saturday morning, there was a good turn out.
Andy had certainly made plenty of samples for folk to see.

What a busy bee he has been getting ready for this demo-day.
This lovely blue and silver wreath looked even better in real life.

Anyone would think Andy was shy...
...hiding behind some colour combos that he had just created.
Who remembers "Spirograph" ?

Don't you think this design is very spirography in the way it looks.
This clock idea was made using the 'gear' principal but not the gear itself as the spaces in the cogs & rings don't split evenly for the stations of the clock.

Very effective - don't you think?
Something a bit posher (word???)

Navy card stock and gold heat-embossed design.
More of the mauve & lime.

This was created using a stamp from the 'Petals' set.
This one was just to show that the stamps work perfectly well on their own.

In this case they were used as corner accents.
This was one that I really liked...

...made up of a wreath stamped using fir sprigs in a couple of shades of green and then over-stamped with a berry twig - great idea for Christmas.
Oh, and whilst on the subject of Chrimbo...

...very "un-Christmas" type colours but an example of how to create a background using a cluster of small snowflakes.
Having started the demo at 9am and continuing non-stop - a final cuppa as folk made their way down to grab some of the goodies that had been in use during the day.

Thank you Andy for another super demo - your hard work is much appreciated (even if it does end up with me spending more money LOL)........................................................

Friday, 22 February 2013

Grab your "Gear"...

..."Stamping Gear" that is.

This is something else that I have had for a little while but just haven't had the time to 'play' with as I would have wanted.

I was very lucky to receive the Deluxe Set as a birthday gift and I have added a few sets of the stamps as Inkadinkadoo have produced some fabulous leaves, swirls and other super designs to be used with this piece of crafting gear.

All the samples I've seen that use this product are great but as I said...I just haven't had the time to have a proper 'play'. So following my own advice for once (rare I know **rollseyes**) I will be attending a demo day to get an infusion of inspiration.

Pinnacle crafts (see link in right-hand side bar) are having a demo day on Saturday 23 Feb 2013 where Andy will be wowing us with what he can do with the Stamping Gear - if you live near enough, why not pop along and have a lookie too.................................................

Sunday, 17 February 2013

All the "fives"...

...five of them in fact.


For those of you who have a thing about numbers...

Five is...

The number of nature,
It is ruled by the planet Jupiter,
We have 5 senses,
Five fingers (on each hand),
Five toes (on each foot)
Five is the number for creativity,
"555" is used in most American films as the area code for phone numbers,

...if you search the web you will find loads of facts/trivia about the number "5" - I think it will be quite some time before I reach all the sixs........................................

A little touch of...


Hi there bloggers, "Life" seems to be getting in the way of posting/creating at the moment but this week holds an event that had to be catered for...Mum's birthday.

I had been stuggling to come up with an idea for Mum's card but then a visit to Barleylands and 'tah-dah!!!' - there on Andy's desk was a sheet of Kanban card titled "Views of Venice" - Italy & Venice in particular is one of Mum's favourite places.

So with a bit of folding and cutting, I went from this...

...and this... this...

...and finally finished...

The Kanban card is made up from 4 views of the city which are easily trimmed to make toppers with a bit of matt & layering. The detail in the artwork is beautiful and reminds you of the pencil drawings made by many artists in their sketch books.

I have kept the card simple as I know Mum will appreciate the drawings and will not want lots of fussiness detracting from them but I also bought some more of this card as I want to have a play with some colouring - I think just a touch of water colour will give a very different effect.

Anyhoo, that's Mum's card - hope you like it and although I know she doesn't come on here...Happy Birthday Mum...............................................

Sunday, 10 February 2013

We all do it...

...just some of us do it to a greater or lesser degree.

"What?" I hear you ask.

Buy stuff because we have read about it or seen it then becomes a 'must have' and when we get it home it gets put to one side...often because we can't remember how we were shown to use it.

Sound familiar?

That was me with the current craze about "Pan Pastels" - I had heard a lot and seen them demo'd on TV. I had even had a little play (probably a couple of minutes) at a local store - I was hooked and had to have some, and some I got. Did I do anything with them? - did I heck.

So when Andy at Pinnacle Crafts advertised a Saturday morning 'try it' session; I booked.

Now Pan Pastels are not the cheapest product in the £6 per pot they become a considered purchase when you take into consideration that there are 80 colours/shades. However, as Andy showed us - you use so little of the product that they will last an extemely long time (most crafters would probably never have to buy a second pot of a colour unless they used it on absolutely everything and went about it very heavy-handedly).

Andy had lots of lovely samples prepared for us to "Oooo" and "Ahhh" over and he showed us how easy it was to obtain super results using a variety of techniques.

Here are the pieces I produced...
This was my first effort and I have to say I was as 'taken' with playing with the stamps as I was with the pastels (Joanne is trying to obtain supplies). The background was created using four different shades of pastel and a bit of post-it note masking for the moon. The scene was then created using the Stampascene stamps from Stampscapes and black Memento ink. I love how you can use an eraser to take the pastel away from areas you want to. I did this on the rocks and part of the water to give the effect of the moonlight catching those areas.

This was my second piece...
...and probably my favourite of the morning. Using the DL card 'portrait' rather than 'landscape' gave the opportunity to create more depth of field. I used a dark grey, orange, dark red and dark magenta to achieve the background colours and instead of taking colour away...I used the orange to colour the rocks a little more.

We also got to play with stamping in Versamark before using the pastels...
...and embossing.

The pastels really pick up the details of the stamps as can be seen here (I used a script stamp to show the crispness you can achieve).

This piece was created using one of the new Cronology embossing folders, a quick swipe of "Teal zeal" Memento and then some pastel shading.

It was a very enjoyable morning and now perhaps I'll actually get my Pan Pastels out of the bag LOL....................

Thursday, 7 February 2013

A quick chuckle... brighten your day.

A man boarded a plane with six kids.

After they got settled in their seats a woman sitting
Across the aisle from him leaned
Over to him and asked, "Are all of those kids yours?"

"No Ma'am, I work for a condom company. These are customer complaints."


Have a good one.............................................

Sunday, 3 February 2013


...what ever you call it, it's making use of something you would normally throw away.

Food store cupboard items tend to come in all sorts of packaging. From the simple cello-wrap (as the item is intended to be decanted into your own storage) to the landfill nightmare of multi-layered but sturdy tubs & boxes.

Tubs like this...
...are far too useful to throw out and I have to admit that I do have a bit of a stock of this type of item. They make great gift containers or useful storage in their own right.
Just by covering in something pretty they take on a completely different look.
Anything can be used to cover these containers but the fairly recent trend of sticky-backed fabric in crafting has brought this type of re-purposing into the very quick and easy category.
They can be decorated with all manner of 'stuff' - this one has some double knit cotton that looks a bit like Baker's twine wrapped around...
...and a nice big button stuck on.
I have a variety of the cotton yarns as I've been using them for my Kumihimo braid making and they have been very handy for these pieces.
I also have a selection of the sticky-backed fabric - both of these are from DoCrafts Christmas ranges (Home for Christmas and the Christmas Boofle ranges). The sticky-backed fabric comes in 12x12 and these tubs are just the right size - one strip cut to the right height goes round and meets perfectly. The yarn is applied using DST. A row of tape wrapped around the tub is easily covered by wrapping the yarn around carefully to ensure all the 'sticky' is covered and then it can be knotted, tied in a bow or have an embellie stuck on to hide the ends.
The patchwork one will be for my desk at work to hold instant coffee sachets...
...the Christmas tree one will be filled with sweeties (nearer the time) and given as a Christmas gift - I'll probably add a tag and/or ribbon around the top.

So go on, take a look in those kitchen cupboards. What can you find to play with and make into something much prettier and far mor useful..............................................