Monday, 31 December 2007

Happy New Year...

...yes I know we still have a couple of hours to go but I thought I'd better get this posted whilst I was still able...LOL

Have a wonderful evening everyone whether you are out partying or having a quiet evening at home.

I wish you all good health and happiness and hope 2008 brings all you could wish for...

Happy New Year......!!!

Friday, 28 December 2007

What did Santa...

...bring you?

I finally got to unwrap my Cricut (was a combined birthday & Chrissy prezzie from Mum) but haven't played with it yet...
Made this notebook using my Bind-it-All - not bad for a first attempt, just a shame about the rotten photography :o(
The BIA was bought with birthday money but I got a BIA tote for Christmas so it is sitting all snug in it's new home LOL
I got all the usual stuff...smellies, sweeties and jewellery. Didn't get much stash but then I already have my very own mountain (hehehe) and I am more than happy with my new toys :o)
The Christmas tree to the RHS will stay up 'til 12th night - still don't know how I managed to install it, LOL, as I really am not that good at the wizzy stuff - will miss it when it's gone. Have never managed to install any blinkies or stuff like that...perhaps that is something I could try in the New Year.
Am trying not to look at the sales on the various craft sites as I really can't afford anything at the moment and honestly have more than enough stuff & stash to keep me going like for ever....

Friday, 21 December 2007

A Merry Christmas...


Have a look at this link - and make sure you have the sound on :o)

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Okay then,,,

...lets see if I can get this to work :o)

Over on UKS someone posted t link to this

Hoping this works...What kinda Tater are you?????????????

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Have you ...

...missed me? (probably not, LOL)

Been busy, busy, busy...seems like Christmas has appeared (now just where did this year go ?)

Sorry for the less than brill quality of the pics but wanted to share with you the Christmas card I made for Mum.

This is the first time I have made a Star mini book and I was really please with it (even if it was a bit fiddly, lol)

The items used were from the Sonburn range and I thought the colours were just right. The book is perfect for contact size photos and I also attacked it with plenty of stickles glitter glue.

Hope you like...more importantly, hope Mum likes............

Saturday, 24 November 2007

As you can see...

...I'm getting ready for Christmas.

I've now got a Christmas tree on my blog :o) just wish it was that easy to do the real one in the house LOL

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Anyone for a...

...Gingerbread latte?
I couldn't believe that I went right through the Christmas period last year without having a single Gingerbread Latte...:o(
So, this year I have made up for it (LOL) and have endulged in a few **hehehe**
Yesterday I had a wonderful visit to Starbucks - Gingerbread latte with whipped cream and a piece of gingerbread loaf - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, so scrummy.
I keep looking at the other Christmas flavours but chicken out and order the Gingerbread latte - I might pluck up the courage before the Christmas flavours disappear.............

I've been...


Okay, this is where the fun begins as I'm not very good at 'linky' things but I will try to put into practice what I have been shown over on UKScrappers (not that it will work, lol).

So, I've been tagged by Mary B a lovely lady from UKS.

Here are the rules: -

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them)
4. Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.

Well here goes: -

1. My family tree can be linked back via my maternal grandfathers line to the french court (offspring of Louis 15th - unfortunately "wrong side of the blanket", as the saying goes)
2. I have no middle name as my mum always said children hate the name they are given so why lumber them with two.
3. My dad's paternal grandparents came to England from Germany in the late 1890's to escape persecution as they were Lutherans.
4. I once shared a lift with the Goodies at the BBC rehersal rooms in Acton, London - I was on my way to an audition for Pan's People (surprisingly I didn't get the job, lol).
5. I love Marmite
6. I have had dogs, rabbits, gerbils, fish, birds but never had a cat.
7. I love Teddy Bears and have a huge 'Hug' (term used for a collection).

Right, this is where I think things will go pear-shaped trying to do the 'linky' things...


Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Last Sunday crop...

...well, at least until January.

So although it was only early November we had Christmas crackers, party hats and Marshmallow Christmas lollies :o)

It was another fun day as usual. How many days until the 20th Jan ?????????????

Acetate mini book...

...this is a first.
The Artbase crop on Sunday (11 Nov) was a venture into the unknown - lol - in more ways than one. It was the first time I had been to one of their crops and there were no instructions with the kit and the first time I had used acetate for anything other than making cards.
No instructions...bit scary but once I got stuck in it was fun. Emma had produced a demo item and all the kits were slightly different so we had fun swaping bits and bobs to arrive at colour schemes that would suit...
I am currently trying to do a 12x12 album for my sister of her late cat but it is taking for eeeeeeeeeeeeeever :o( so I thought this would be a little something for the time being.
Loved the difference that acetate creates and really want to do some more. Bev was doing a '12 Days of Christmas' book. Can't wait to see that finished :o)

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Do I try again...


Shhhhhhhhh, don't tell Blogger, I think I got another piccie posted - LOL

I've already told you...

...they are NOT slippers, they are BAFFIES.

But I can't show you any pics cos Blogger is throwing another hissy-fit (Bah, grrrrr, hurumpf, mawwahhhhhh).

Obviously, Blogger can't cope with me having lots of goodies to share with you so - I will try again - LATER............

Playing with...


This was a class called 'True Love' - loads of felt and embellies.
When I saw the class instructions and pic I knew straight away what photo I wanted to use. I was lucky that I have bought some of the recommended PPs at Ally Pally the week before so I was well away.
However, you know when you are certain that you have something but just can't find that was me and the felt. I was sure I had some felt that would be just right for this but do you think I could find it - don't be silly :o) Panic dash to the habby shop on the way to work the day before the class (hehehe).
I love this page but I'm not sure I would use felt for all the embellies again...cutting them out was real fiddly and sticking felt to the LO with out making a mess...well, you can imagine.
Still, it was a lovely class and I'm sure I'll use the general layout idea again.........

Cybercrop classes...

...have been such fun.

This was the very first class project - a box of memories. The class was created by Margaret from Artbase in Hornchurch - one very clever lady.

I really enjoyed this class and once I locate a few more suitable pics I'll be able to complete all the inserts.

Tried to load some of the other class project pics but Blogger is still being fussy about loading pics :o( Looks like I'll have to try separate postings for what I want to show you...

Let's try...

Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I've got pics again.
Have tried several times to loads pics over the last week or two and although blogger has said DONE, nothing appeared.
These are pics from the first weekend of Cybercrop...

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Final weekend of...

...UKS Cybercrop is approaching.

It has been great fun but also very exhausting trying to fit everything in (failing completely, lol) and work full-time. Have not managed all the classes but most of the weekday challenges have been achieved.

Here's some piccies...or not as the case may be (blogger has problems at the moment - poo!!!)

I'll try again later...........

How can 10 days...

...make such a difference?

The trip to Ally Pally on 30 Sept was fab - no problems with the journey and generally a great day at the show.

Trip to Ally Pally on 11 Oct was terrible.(grrrrrrr, hurumpf) - bumper to bumper traffic (not going anywhere fast) grotty foggy weather and a disappointing show...:o(

As the latest trip was on a weekday we gave ourselves an extra 1.5 hrs to deal with the rush-hour traffic on the M25 - didn't help much as it still took almost 3 hrs to get there. Finally got there, got parked and in. It seemed as if it was less crowded than normal (this soon changed) and the stands were in their normal straight row arrangement so Mum was able to look at stuff more easily than at the previous visit.

Once again, I noticed that a lot of the BIG names were missing and there really wasn't much I wanted to get - came away with a cross stitch mag and some cross stich fabric - grand total of £4.50 (spent loads more on petrol). Mum did better and got herself a good selection of semi precious beads **we know what we'll be getting for Christmas, lol**

Journey home was just as bad. Might consider going on a Saterday next year.........

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Please don't nag,,,

...I know I've been a very bad blogger :o(

But the UKS Cybercrop is in full swing and there just ain't enough hours in the day (this is the bit where you all say "there, there, don't worry, we don't mind"

I'm learning soooooooo much **snigger** - did you know that in cyber world slippers are called 'baffies'??? - no I didn't either...

If you thought saturday night out at the Mecca bingo was exciting you obviously haven't played cyber bingo - 30 second delays between postings to the thread and constant hitting of the 'refresh' button don't do your blood pressure much good - and as for 'pin the tail on the donkey...perhaps we won't go there, LOL.

So, sorry if I've not paid you much attention but the cybercrop still has 2 more weekends to go what with it being the 5th Birthday of UKS n all...don't hold your breath waiting for me to drop by - I could be some time...........................

Sunday, 30 September 2007

Party, party, party...

...Party Puddings.
I'm feeling quite smug at the moment...:o)
As part of the run-up to the cybercrop to celebrate UKScrappers 5th birthday there have been 'make & take' challenges to help get everyone in the party mood.
Wednesday's challenge was to create an invite, Thursday's was to bake a cake and Fri/Sat/Sun combined was to hold a tea party. Piccies of these tasks then had to be uploaded to the correct challenge thread in order to win cybercrop presents.
Well, as I said, I'm feeling quite smug (LOL) cos you all know that I'm not the best at the wizzy stuff - you would be proud...
I completed the challenges, took pics, loaded the pics on the PC, re-sized them (YES!!! me, I did that, no help, done all by myself) ** jiggy dance around the desk ** But it doesn't end there, oh no, I even loaded them onto the correct threads (yipee).
So, now that I'm up to date, I'm back off to the UKS site to join in the party. See ya.........

Super day out at...

...Ally Pally.

(grrrrrrrrrr, phew, hurumpffffffff - I know it's early-ish but blogger wont play and I can't load any piccies).

Anyway, pics not withstanding...where was I...oh yes, Ally Pally...

This Big Stamping & Scrapbooking show was much improved on the last two events. Having attended for a while, last autumn I was rather disappointed by the lack of regular names on the stands. The show only uses one of the smaller halls and it looked like they were struggling to fill the space - quite a large area set aside for ATC make & takes. The spring show wasn't much better.

Yesterday was fab. Loads more stands (or so it seemed) and PP seems to be back in favour as there was a pretty good selection available :o)

Many stands were demoing the new Cricut Expressions - super machine **wonder if I should start dropping hints for Santa???LOL**

However (go on, admit it, you knew there had to be a "but" somewhere along the way) the layout adopted for most of the stands was not very user had to fight your way in to be able to look at the products on offer and then fight your way out again. Mum being disabled can only attend these events because she has one of those little 'pack-in-the-boot' scooters and there was no way that she could get round most of the stands. Ally Pally are very good about allowing disabled folk in half an hour early to give them a chance to have a look round in a less crowded venue but many of the stands were still setting-up.

Still, Mum said she had a good time and she was quite happy nattering to several of the demo folk.

I got some clear stamps - don't you just love these things, so easy to use cos you can see where you are placing the image - PPs (only essentials,ROFLOL) - double sided tape (usual stock-up of supplies) - Stickles and a couple of mini book kits.

I do have one very big gripe - PRICES!!!

I know it isn't cheap to have a stand at Ally Pally buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, I don't expect to see items marked up in price to cover the cost in the way that some of the traders seem to do. Cuttlebug embossing folders that can be bought in ANY craft shop for £3.99 were priced by some at £4.50 and even £4.90 (didn't even bother to look at what was being charged for the four-pack mini folders). Patterned punches that normally retail at around £7 were being offered at £10, storage boxes that you can get from your local Staples stationery store for £6 were being sold for £10 (sorry, I musn't exagerate, £9.99...). Yes, there were a good selection of 'show prices' - the new Cricut was being offered at around £30 below RRP - but 70p for a piece of normal 12 x 12 bazzil cardstock, per-leaseeeeeeeee!

We had to leave at 1pm because it was just too packed and Mum could no longer move around easily on her scooter. We had had a good time. Bumped into several of the ladies from the Artbase crops - Bev, you might have been 'good' when we first bumped into you but I'm sure on the second occasion most of the bags being carried by the other ladies were probably yours, lol (I normally just load-up Mum on her scooter, hehe).

Got Mum home just in time for the rain to start (great fun, not, when you are trying to unload a scooter from the car). Picked up some fish & chips on the way home. All in all, a super day (not counting the weather).

I suppose I should now get stuck into the housework.............

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Cybercrops should come with a... warning (LOL).

The next UKScrappers cybercrop starts on 5th October and I decided to register my participation this time. I've dabbled in the last couple of events and completed some of the classes (many of the instructions are stored safely in my "must get round to do" folder for when I get some time to fit them in - time?, no, no, no...don't even go there...) but this time I thought I would sign-up and be a part of the thing.

Okay, yes, I know - Mad as a Hatter - I hear you all say.

Just when am I going to fit this all in? well the blurb reliably informed me that this CC would be a little more layed-back, less frantic, as it is spread over a longer period - 3 weekends instead of just one. Well, that's what I was told....:o)

I registered at the weekend (I am now a member of the Party Puddings) and decided I would use the time in the run-up to the CC to find my way around cyber space - Monday I put myself up for adoption.

For those of you who CC or just visit UKS on a regular basis you will know that new cybercropers can get themselves adopted by an exprienced participant so that they have a single point of contact should they need help with any of the rules or wizzy-stuff. So, I've been duly adopted and my CC mum is CraftyPrincess - I'm sure she doesn't know what she has let herself in for, ROFLOL.

So, there I've been - browsing my way around the CC threads on the website and I'm cream crackered - I haven't scrapped a thing yet but I'm exhausted just trying to keep-up with all the chat and what is happening in the various worlds of my fellow puddings...

I'm told things will slow down once the classes start as everyone will be tooooooo busy to chat ??? I do hope so otherwise I'm going to be worn to a frazzel before we even get started.

Think I need to stock-up on essentials not more, coffee, coffee and perhaps some more COFFEE! I might then have a chance of staying awake long enough to fit everything in **I did say "might" **

In the meantime I really should get ready for workzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Is it really...

...TWO weeks since my last post?

Can't say it has been the best two weeks of my life :o(

The worst bit was Saturday 15th.

After the usual Saturday stuff - quick wizz round to get the shopping, over to Mum's to make sure she was okay and sort out any bits-n-pieces that she needed doing, back home, strip the beds and freshly make them, get the washing done ready for pegging out first thing in the morning (weather permitting) - I finally got to sit down in front of the TV for a while (the remote was all mine coz DH was on nights, lol).

Nothing that riveting on the box and between 11 & 11.30pm I found myself dozing so common sense said 'time for bed', and that's when it happened...

BANG, CRASH, and the sound of smashing glass.

As our lounge is at the back of the house I wasn't completely sure whether it was outside the front or actually the front of our property so I went to look...

Turning the hall light on I saw broken glass all over the carpet and a gaping hole where the window in the door had been - the front gate was wide open (I'd closed it earlier in the evening) but there was no sign of anyone.

Not being a '999' situation I phoned hubby who duly came home from work to secure the hole.

Our dining room is at the front and not knowing if DH would come in the front way or via the rear drive I kept watch for him. During the 20 mins it took him to get home a police car cruised the street 3 or 4 times (??????????).

After we had cleared the glass I left DH to board the hole whilst I phoned the local police to report the incident and to find out if there was a problem in the area - cruising police car? - but the crime desk seemed un-aware and just took the details of what had happened. They said someone would be in-touch...

DH returned to work and now being completely awake I waited in case the police made contact - I should've know better. By 2.30am, I took myself off to bed. The police car had made a couple of passes again but there was never any hint that it might stop.

So, when did the police make contact? 9.46pm on Wednesday 19th.

I was told that there was little point in an officer coming out to see me as there wouldn't be any chance of getting any suitable finger-prints (doh, four days later, house on main road, daily postal deliveries...I think I could have worked that one out for myself).

Still, this week has ended on a brighter note :o)

Caroline (she of the oh so scrummy cupcakes, mmmmmm) had something published in the latest Scrapbook Inspirations **anyone else noticed that there wasn't a freebie with the mag this month** a book full of mini books suitably scrapped to show off her favourite cake pics and recipes - well done Caroline.

Nicola also had her 'take' on the book of books published - her theme was a year of her boys.

John at Artbase has been creating again and has come up with a super Gingerbread boardbook. Margaret's stunning decorating of the book can be seen on the Artbase site or on UK Scrappers (nooooooo, don't ask for a link within this text - you should know by now that links and me don't go together...haha). I have a Gingerbread house and I am looking forward to getting stuck in...

The countdown has also begun for the UK Scrappers next cybercrop - starts 5th Oct. I have registered this time and am a Party Pudding member although I'm not sure that I will actually get much of a chance to spend a decent amount of time cybercropping...I can but dream.

There are loads of classes so even if I don't get to do everything I want during the crop I'll make sure that I download the instructions so I can do the stuff later. I will be doing the Artbase class (I've had a sneeky peek and all I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW) and I will try my best to fit in some of the others.

The materials lists have been published so I think I'll have a rummage in my stash to see if I've got suitable stuff for the classes that haven't got kits available. Off to start rummaging, I could be some time...........

Monday, 10 September 2007

Crafters really are...

...very inventive people.

A week ago I discovered Cuttlebug embossing folders. "So what!" I hear you say. Well the thing is, I hadn't really given them much thought because I don't have a Cuttlebug...

Yes, I know most of the super die-cutting gadgets that are on the market these days have accessories that are interchangeable with other systems but I hadn't really given much thought to this one as I have a QuicKutz, a Tag-a-long and a Big Shot (lucky me and mostly thanks to Mum).

A week ago I spotted a script embossing folder at Artbase and enquired if it would work okay on my Big Shot - the girls in the shop were great and actually tried it out for me. I left the shop not just with the script folder but four others too, I was hooked (LOL).

I've had a lovely play with them all and even got my friend Diane hooked as well (sorry Diane...more "toys" to buy). It seems that we are not the only ones to have found these super folders - in the space of a week Artbase sold out (I've been assured that an order will be going in ASAP).

For anyone who hasn't investigated the Cuttlebug embossing folders I can really recommend them. I love my QuicKutz Goosebumps but their size limits their use whereas the Cuttlebug folders are just right for matting & layering on an A6 card or providing extra texture on some of the larger die-cuts and alphabets. Great for creating some of the larger embellies for scrapping...:o)

However, this does not tell you why crafters are really inventive folk - does it!!!

I came across a posting today where the crafter was also singing the praises of the Cuttlebug embossing folders, why, because they worked perfectly in her pasta rolling machine. So there you go folks - if you can't afford a die-cutting machine at the moment but would really like to do a bit of embossing go and dig out that pasta roller from the back of the cupboard **big grins at the thought of everyone hunting out those pasta rollers whilst muttering "I know I put it here somewhere..." hee, hee**.

I am always amazed at the ideas that craft folk can come up with and there are probably tons of household items (bought as a must-have, used a couple of times then shoved away 'out of sight out of mine') that could be put to use - anyone got any ideas for a sandwich toaster???????

Friday, 7 September 2007

Happy Birthday...

Good job Simon doesn't 'do blogs' cos I think he might be a bit miffed with this pic :o) but he said I wouldn't dare...............!!!
Never say such things to a female armed with a camera and with access to the Internet. You just never know what is likely to appear...

You might have noticed...

...I've been taking photos.

Why...........cos I've got a new camera. My very own little digital wonder.

It's not one of these super-duper things like the ones used by Cheryl Johnson or Kirsty Wiseman but it is fine for me. It takes piccies up to 7.2 mega pixel quality, has 3 x zoom and a great little function called Advanced shake reduction (boy does it make a difference to the clarity of the pics).

I had a bit of a play one Sunday evening cos I just love sunsets and was really rather pleased with the results.

It is a lovely little camera and it didn't cost loooooooooooooads of dosh (I just couldn't justify that sort of expense) it was on special offer at Argos and I had a voucher to spend so it cost even less, yeh!!! don't you just love a bargain. Even better, the gadget-mad lads at work have been great with providing info about reasonable sorces for memory cards and bargain to-date, USB memory card reader £1 from Poundland. It is all soooooo easy now to stick the memory card in the reader, plug it into the PC and away I go.

Can't see me ever being "David Bailey" or "Lord Snowdon", lol, but I'm having a lot of fun and the results ain't too shabby either..........

Artbase crop... this Sunday.
Last month's project was this super board book. I have completed the book but haven't yet added any photos as I need to raid Mum's collection for the annual school photos...(you know the ones...never had a brush or comb handy, sat in front of some strange smudgy background cloth and told to grin at the camera, yuk)
This weekend we are going to make an exploding box (something I've been meaning to have a go at). Looks like I won't be adding the photos on Sunday as the pics I want to use need to be re-sized and my printer is very low on ink at the moment (bahhh!!!), perfectly okay for normal stuff but not good enough quality for photos.
I feel a need for some new ink cartridges...

I promised... introduce you all to Alfred and Barty. Here they are...
I did them both at the ceramic painting class that I used to attend. Alfred is in standing (blue) and Barty is lazing with a book (green).
I fully intended to create a whole family of "Gonelfs" (I wasn't quite sure if they were gnomes or elderly and would have worked my way through the alphabet for names. But after making a few as presents for friends and colleagues the novelty started to wear off and costs were also starting to rise. family consists of Alfred & Barty.
They have a nice sunny part of the garden **when the sun shines, that is** and they have their very own tree-stump :o) They seem to be quite happy and they have a good crop of toadstools (not real...) They are also very 'green' and have their own solar lights.
There may come a time when I can add to the family but in the mean-time, Alfred & Barty seem quite happy to just enjoy each others company...

Friday, 31 August 2007

Reality TV...

...where's the reality?????????

So a bunch of celebs get dumped in the jungle and have to eat bugs and things - real life...yeh, sure.

A group of assorted strangers get locked up in a house, their every move caught on camera and they behave as if they didn't know they were being watched...yeh, right.

We are currently being exposed to the auditions of "X facter" and to be honest, this is probably the best bit of the whole competition. Yes, there is talent out there to be found but I find it amazing that sooooooo many folk think they can sing **sing; verb, to produce music, musical sounds, songs etc. with the voice** - - - **music; noun, the arrangement of sounds in pleasant patterns and tunes** . Some of these folk are more than tone-deaf, lol.

From the age of 9 until my late teens I attended a stage school. I studied dance and song but never in a million years would I consider myself worthy of competing for a chance to get a record contract. Despite the rather large box up in the loft containing trophies, medals and certificates I hold my hands up and say that most of my success was due to a very talented dance teacher who had the knack for choosing just the right songs for her pupils :o)

Dear Miss Carol...

So, you wont be seeing me on any of these 'reality' shows. Not now, not ever...

I'll continue to tune in for the performing type shows - X facter, Britains got talent, Dancing on ice etc. but I'll be giving the likes of BB and I'm a Celebrity a miss.

As Bubbah has posted over on his blog....

is soooo much more me (he, he)......................................

Thursday, 30 August 2007

And just where have...

..all the good manners gone?

As I struggled home on the train this evening, loaded down with shopping and not in the best frame of mind because the crop had been cancelled, I stood fuming in a very crowded carriage as two young boys tried to 'kung-foo' kick each other - and not a word of censure from the 'dad' accompanying them :o(

I was trying very hard to protect my shopping and hold my tongue (grrrrrrrrr, hurumffff).

Unfortunately, in the present climate it does not bode well to make comments as the media is full of reports about the terrible consequencies that can result - the Nottinghill Carnival is a perfect example, where a guy was fatally stabbed for trying to protect his deaf friend from a gang of taunting, bullying thugs. We appear to have a catch-22 situation...

We don't say anything for fear of reprisals and the yobs carry on behaving the way they do cos no one says anything...

But back to the main topic - manners seem to have gone the way of the Dodo.

When you are trying to negotiate your way around London Underground & British Rail with a load of shopping it is surely not too much to ask (????????) for folk to say "excuse me" or "sorry" if they bump into you - afterall, everyone is in the same position - trying to get home.

I also wonder if folk truely believe you have been standing on the platform just for the benefit of your health. The Jubilee line schedule and that of c2c do not 'gel' well so I often find myself in the position of having just missed a train. If the next service due is an 8 carriage train I am often the only one standing at the end of the platform for anything up to 30 mins (or more). So why do folk, who have only just arrived as the train is pulling in, feel they have a right to barge in front of me to get on the train. Even worse - they barge you out of the way so they can get on the train and then they STOP, effectively blocking the entrance for everyone else. Not only do they have no manners but it is clear they have very little by way of the 'grey matter' between their ears.

Are good manners really a thing of the past or is there still time to revive this dying behaviour?

I have a number of pet hates as far as BAD manners are concerned...

2. Queue jumping - Of course we don't mind (doh) we are just standing here for something to do...
3. Barging folk out of the way without a 'by your leave or thank you' - Sorry I'm not a mind reader, I didn't realise you wanted to walk exactly where I currently am...
4. Chewing gum with mouth open and making horrid "splonching" noises - GROSS!!!
5. Elderly folk who think their age gives them the right to be served first even when the shop staff are dealing with another customer - We all have to take our turn...
6. Folk who continue to maintain a converstation on their mobiles whilst at the check-out - RUDE OR WHAT!!!!!!
7. Nose picking - ULTRA GROSS!!!
8. Able-bodied folk parking in disabled parking spaces - Lack of consideration, I hope they never have to contend with this problem when they have a real need...
9. Parents not keeping their childern under control and condoning bad behaviour - If you can't be bothered with your kids why do you think the rest of us might be...
10. Folk who put their feet on seats on public transport - I just hope you are wearing something really expensive when you sit down on something yuk...

Oooooooooo, I could go on and on, but it's not very good manners to bore ones readers to death (LOL)....................

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

A Gold medal...

...and I know her mum!!!

Christine's mum works in my office and for a couple of years she was my clerical support - until we both moved on to other departments.

Pat was not at work today but I know that she will be one very proud mum at the moment (I don't propose to go into the pros & cons of Christines one year's done) and I know that all her colleagues will be passing on their congratulations.

Many congrats Christine...

Friday, 24 August 2007

Am I...


According to Blogthings...I am....

You Are 60% Weird
You're so weird, you think you're *totally* normal. Right?But you wig out even the biggest of circus freaks!

122 days... Christmas (according to QVC).
Just where has this year gone to???
Still, I've made a start on the Christmas cards and whilst I was having a play I made some slightly more abstract cards that should be okay for male birthdays.
I love making cards and usually once I get started I manage to produce a batch that will keep me going for most of the occasions that occur during the year - birthdays, halloween, Christmas etc.
This latest 'play' has resulted in 60 Christmas cards (well on the way to the 150 odd that I usually make), half a dozen, or so, Halloween cards and about the same number of birthday cards.
Here are just a few (lol) of the cards that I have made this time...

Another first...

...something I wrote is in a magazine :o)

Quite some time ago I posted an item about a grotty journey home - poor transport, bad weather - all the usual elements than meant I needed to let off steam. So I blogged...

A while later I received an email from Chrissie Willicombe (Life is Scrap) asking if I would mind if she 'sampled' some of the text for an article she was doing on journaling.

This morning I collected the latest issue of Scrapbook Inspirations from the newsagent and there it name, my writing - IN PRINT - WOW!!!!

Chrissie had said that the article was due in the September issue so I couldn't even wait to get home from the shops. As soon as I was in the car I had the wrapping off and was thumbing through the mag...and there it was............

As I sat reading through the piece about "Journaling with Doughnuts" I came to the bit about the third layer-Dough journaling. As my words sprang up from the page I was so touched that someone had thought my words worth repeating (I admit - there were a few tears).

Words really are powerful. Just that small snip of my original post had me remembering the grotty weather, the horrid journey, the disappointment of the crop being cancelled, and CHIPS!

Just thinking about those words made me realise that journaling really does make a difference to scrapbooking LOs. It seems so much easier to write here on the blog but I really must make the effort to journal on my LOs in a way that conveys what the pictures mean to me.

Thank you Chrissie...jam doughnuts will hold a whole new meaning from now on..........

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Doesn't time...


It seems like ages since I posted anything ( is ages - don't rub it in, lol). Life has been busy, busy, busy and full of a number of 'firsts'.

On Friday 3 August I went to Newmarket with DH. His sports & social club at work had arranged a small trip to attend "Newmarket Nights". I was informed that this consisted of a number of races followed by a concert.

Never been horse racing and never been to a live concert so...two firsts, yeh!

We arrived by coach just before 5pm and the weather was fantastic, warm, sunny, brilliant summer's evening. Our party had passes for the Premier Enclosure so we had been told to dress appropriately (no jeans, no shorts, no shirts without collars etc, etc) everyone looked very smart...a bit like I would imagine a Royal garden party to be. Although crowded it wasn't uncomfortably so.

Then came the serious business of picking some horses. DH had the bright idea of phoning his Dad who has had a keen interest in 'the horses' all his life - East Ender, born & bred. For the five races he gave us one or two names per race and give him his due, nearly all finished in the first three :o)...unfortunately, not being experienced in such things we had only placed bets 'to win' so we only had one success all evening :o(. Never mind, it was fun and the atmosphere was great.

The concert started just before 9pm - Jools Holland & Lulu and a number of other artists that regularly perform with Mr Holland.

We had a really great evening and I would certainly recommend it to others (you might want to consider taking a picnic with you though...the one down-side was the time we waited for some food; over an hour & half for something that didn't involve any cooking ###???).

On Tuesday 7 August I attended a funeral service for a colleague. Although he had been very ill last year he had returned to work earlier this year and everyone thought things were okay. It wasn't to be and he sadly passed away in the early hours of Sunday 5 Aug. As his family were mostly in Ireland it was arranged that the body would be flown there for a funeral on the Friday. However, the family felt that something should be done here for all his friends and colleagues.

The church was packed, standing room only, which can only go to show the regard everyone felt for this person. At a time when intolerance of other faiths and cultures seems to be on the increase it was lovely to see there were folk of all colours, creeds, and faiths but the only concern was to bid a well liked person a fond farewell. A sad occasion but a heart-warming one.

What no-one knew was that the family had arranged a 'Wake' at at our friend's local - another first for me (never been to a wake before). It was lovely chatting to folk and sharing memories of our departed friend.

Wed 8th to Sun 12th, time has just flown by and I didn't get a chance to participate in the "Hold the Front page - Summer Fun" cybercrop on UK Scrappers so I just printed off the instructions for the various projects that took my eye. Some really lovely LOs and ideas. Last night at Diane's we all chatted about the cybercrop and got stuck into some enthusiastic scrapping - very productive evening...

Wed 15 Aug, DH is off to Turkey with his Dad tonight for 10 days so I will have the house to myself...wayhey!!! I feel a serious bout of scrapping and cardmaking coming on..............

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Just had another play... the blog quizzes.

Your Scent is Pumpkin Pie
Warm, comforting, and a bit old fashionedYou've got what men want - believe it or not!

Well, now I know...

Have you seen...

...all those blog quizzes out there?

I went for a wander via Life of a Scrappers Husband (link on right) and had a whale of a time trying the various topics - problem is...still not too good at creating links within a post :o(

Never mind...

I had a go at lots of the quizzes and could have spent even longer.

Apparently I am a "Life Blogger" according to the 'what type of blogger are you?' quiz.
I am the planet Pluto (don't ask...he,he,he), I am a plain glazed dohnut (???). I am also a Fall - no, not 'fallen',LOL - Woman (that's Autumn to us Brits) in the What season are you?

There were tons of others and I did get a bit carried away **now who would have guessed** perhaps I'll have another dabble when I have a moment free...

Sunday, 29 July 2007

I believe... Fairies; don't you?
I found this wonderful range of Fairie Doors at my local garden centre and this is the first one to come and live in my garden.
There are currently 16 different doors in the range.
The one I really wanted was "Dentist" the little door sign said..."Tooth fairy out on call" sweet is that :o) Unfortunately, they didn't have one of those so I got this to put with Alfred & Barty (I'll introduce them to you another time, lol).
Efforts to upload the picture of the whole range from the website didn't work too well, think it was the format they used so for now this is all I can show you.
I think there will be doors appearing around the garden as we go through the year, I'll try to get some pics of them in their new locations...

Saturday, 28 July 2007


...forgot to tell you.

I finished my Harry Potter today at lunchtime. Was so intent on getting to the end of the book so that I would know what happened but now I wish I hadn't, coz that's it, that was the last one - no more Harry Potter stories to look forward to, no more trips to Hogworts or shopping in Diagon Alley.

It's done...


I won't tell you what happened, there has already been too much hype and too many spoilers linked with this book. If you want to know what happens you will have to read it for yourselves.

Don't know what I'm going to read next...Break no bones by Kathy Reichs is a possibility or perhaps David Hewson's latest 'Nic Costa' story - the Seventh Sacrement. Whatever I decide it's not going to be the same as diving into a HP.

Still, who knows, there could be something even better just around the corner...


...I know I didn't really need yet another bag!


I saw this Amy Butler bag on the 2 Peas home page several weeks ago and soooooooo wanted it, lol. I do have a bit of a thing about bags **not that anyone would ever guess** I have a super collection of mauve AMM totes as well as a smashing Karen Foster bag - lots of places to shove my stash (yeyhay).

I also love handbags but they have to be just right and once I find one that works for me I am reluctant to change to something else until needs dictate otherwise (usually at the time the handles start falling off or something similar...).

However, back to this delish piece of hand luggage...I just love it, love it, love it (anyone twigged yet that I am quite taken with this item - smirk). Had to make a choice at Artbase today between this one and an all over pink design - very nice but at the end of the day I'm not really a pink person and this was the one that had originally caught my eye on 'Peas'. So this is now mine all mine :o)

Have to give some serious thought as to what is going to 'live' in this bag but in the meantime I'm off to do the scrappy bit of holding and stroking, bye for now...

Friday, 27 July 2007

Yes, I'm reading it...

...the last Harry Potter.

I went for the 'grown-up' cover - not because I didn't want to be seen with the childrens version - I just liked this cover better...

I didn't queue anywhere to get my copy I just called into Mum's local Sainsburys on Saturday morning and 'bagged' a copy at less than half-price without the hassle of having to spend "x" amount in store as was the case with many retailers.

I am currently up to page 447 so should have it finished by the end of the weekend, if not sooner :o)

I can't remember what it was that got me to read the first of the 'Potter' books but I convinced my niece that it wasn't just a story for boys (she was just starting a new senior school at the time and J.K.Rowling was one of the authors they were covering in English) and ever since it has been a challenge to see who got the next book first, who finished it first and who has seen the films, LOL.

The world of magic has always been something our family have found of interest - I remember reading 'The Faraway Tree' and the 'Narnia' cronicles (amongst others) as a child and being totally drawn into the make-believe worlds created by the authors. Perhaps the 'Potter' books have reminded me of the fun that books can create and whilst they may have been aimed at children the style and content easily capture the adult imagination too...

I won't spoil things for anyone who has yet to read the book or hasn't reach as far as I have. All I will say is...ENJOY!!!...

I did it...

...I've turned yellow.

I've been "Simpsonized", LOL.

There I was, merrily browsing various blogs (as one does) and I came across a link on 'My life in colour' - see link to the right coz you all know I'm useless at adding links to my postings :o)

It's a fun site that lets you create a 'Simpsonized' image from a photo you have stored on your PC (if you haven't worked it out yet, this was created from the pic that Emma took of me at the Artbase crop earlier this month).

You don't have to be yellow, although I think that is part of the fun...he, have loads of choices and can play to your hearts content.

The site does seem to be very popular at the moment, probably because the movie has just hit the cinemas, and you might have trouble getting in but do 'try,try again'. If you don't want to simpsonize yourself you could always do someone else in the family or even a friend and then send them an e-card of the creation.

Go on, have a play...if you do, let me know, I'd really love to see what you look like in 2D...

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

We've only just begun...

...the summer holidays that is and already I'm stressed and moving towards "kill mode".

All this from someone who doesn't even have kids...!!!

This morning's journey to work wasn't too bad - just the normal rush hour crowding. Not many kids in evidence **obviously as it wasn't a school day one couldn't expect them to be up & out at such an un-godly hour...8am, LOL** but by the time I arrived at Stratford (9.10am ish) many had struggled out of their beds and were running riot in the shopping centre. Needless to say I grabbed my Starbucks latte and headed for work at a very rapid rate of knots.

Today was the annual Bowls competition at work and unfortunately, for the first time in years, rain stopped play :o( However, before the heavens opened and brought play to a soggy halt we had already had the pleasure (???????) of a group of unruly brats making a nuisance of themselves and one of the organisors had to insist that they left the 'green'. This resulted in very pleasant taunts and cat-calls through the hedge from the little darlings, hurumf.

So, not the best of days...but more was yet to come.

I arrived at West Ham station in time to get a 'through' train that would take me all the way home without having to change, yippee - the bad news was that it was packed and there were tons of kids everywhere... Even worse, they were not being supervised as the two Mum's responsible for the largest group were more interested in having a natter. If that little brat in the seat next to the aisle where I was standing had kicked me one more time (he and his 2 brothers were trying to wrestle each other whilst crammed into two seats), I swear, I was ready to kick him back.

I think everyone let out a huge sigh of relief when this hoard left the train two stops later.

How long have they been off so far? three days...groan...not sure I'm going to make it to the end of the holidays without doing someone some serious damage if today's journey is an example of what is yet to come...

Thursday, 19 July 2007


...I've just seen a spider.

I don't like spiders, I don't really like any creepy-crawlies **shudders at the thought** but I can normally cope if I know where they are...

At this moment I don't know where it's gone so I am perched up on my chair (feet up on seat) trying to see where it went. It sort of scuttled down the wall and across the carpet towards the desk and that's when it disappeared from view.

It's no good, can't stay here wondering any longer...I'm going now, lights will be turned off and the door firmly shut.

Fingers crossed, it won't be here in the morning...

Guess where I'm going...


Yep, this Sunday I will be heading 'op norrrrrth' again. This time there will be no four-legged creatures of any shape or kind - just a large suitcase full of freshly washed clothes, another large bag of clothes, a couple of side tables, food (including the 'famine' relief parcel that my Mum has been putting together, LOL) ... oh, and not to forget - my niece...

After two weeks at home with her Mum and all the 'furry beasties' I think Kristy is starting to long for the piece and quiet of her Uni flat so I wasn't surprised to receive a text asking - pretty, please :o) - if I would take her back to Leicester this weekend.

So on Sunday we hit the M25 & M1 yet again **I think my poor little car could probably find its own way there now** but this time we will be starting off with a car load and I get to come home with it empty.

If you are wondering about the 'famine' relief Mum is a very concerned Grandma and she worries that Kristy won't have enough food, cleaning materials, loo rolls etc. and there are some of Kristy's specialised food items that don't appear to be available in Leicester - so Grandma has taken to sending food parcels. However, postage is starting to get a bit silly so she decided that this time she would save everything in a box ready to go back with Kristy when she returned to Uni - hence the FRP, he, he, he.

The BBC 5-day weather forecast has become a regular sight on my PC screen at work as I keep an eye on the 'supposed' weather for this weekend. It doesn't look too good but I'll wait and see because most of the bad weather that has been promised for this week seems to have by-passed us, so here's hoping!

With luck this will be the last trip north for a while, but then, you never know...

Monday, 16 July 2007

Cards, cards, and...

yes, more cards (lol).
I promised to show you the cards from the Basic Grey 'Blush' kit and here they are...
My scanner doesn't do them justice but you can get the idea :o)
I had great fun with the kit and my liquid chalks...ooooooooooooo I did get mucky. Brown and Blue not just on the cards & papers but also all over my fingers. One day I might just work out how to 'ink' without getting more on me than the project.
The colours of the 'blush' papers are so soft and pretty. They also mix & match with a whole load of cardstock so the variety is wonderful.
I loved making these cards but the problem now is that I don't really want to give them away - silly really as that is the whole idea behind making cards...
Perhaps if I keep them a while doing the normal scrapbooky type things (you know, sit and stroke the papers, look at them lovingly - he,he) I might eventually be able to pass them on for the appropriate occasion.
The kit was lovely to work with and although there was only enough cardstock and paper to make these seven cards there are loads of rub-ons left and more than half the sheet of chipboard letters and shapes - I would say that was real good value for money, Ta Mum!
My only gripe is that the kit did not contain any envelopes...but hey, I'm getting it sorted.
Have been busy punching out loads more 1" circles and now have a whole box of assorted colours, papers and cardstock all ready to get stuck into for a massive card making session.
I even sorted out a load of Christmas papers (no don't groan, it's not that far away) and I fully intend to get going on this years cards in plenty of time.
I do tend to be a 'Fits & Starts' type card maker...I go for ages without making any and then it's like a production-line comes into operation.
I want to play with more stamps on this years Christmas cards and I have lots of lovely embossing powders that I can experiment with - just need to find some time.
That's the problem isn't always comes back to time. Well, I will do it. I will not be buying loads of cards this year, I have more than enough stash to meet my needs (and I'm sure a few other things will find their way into my craft room between now and December, LOL) so no excuses.
Cardmaking, here I come...

Sunday, 15 July 2007

On the subject of...

...card making.

Mum bought me one of the Basic Grey "Blush" card making kits earlier in the year. I've finally made a start on them.

I really love the blush range of papers and this kit is proving to be great - love the ideas and the effects.

Promise to let you see some when they are done...

A new punch...

...and here are the resulting cards.

A selection of coloured papers & cardstock and a whole variety of cards can be created just by punching out a lot of 1" circles.

As these circles have a fancy edge I decided to add some spirelli to a single circle and raise it on a foam pad - quite pleased with the final results :o)

Haven't made many cards for a while but today I sat at Mum's and punched out all the circles then tonight spread everything out on the lounge floor **gotta have a bit of space when being creative - lol** and voila!!

Hope you like the results...

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Peeks at... latest LOs.
The Artbase project this month involved the use of some of the new range of Hero Arts clear stamps - the alphabet is 'wicked' and great fun to play with.
Have been trying to scrap these pics of DH for a while but couldn't come up with any suitable ideas. Well, as you can see...sorted!
As I have previously mentioned, I don't do the "in front of camera" bit so I rarely have any pics of me. However, Emma has been threatening to snap me ever since I talked about it here on the blog and so far I have managed to avoid her in 'David Bailey' mode.
Unfortunately, I wasn't so lucky on Sunday at the crop and she got me well & proper (lol) so here is a peek at the LO I created.
I have been trying really hard lately to get photos onto class projects ASAP so that I don't end up with albums full of lovely LOs but no photies. Am slipping a bit at the moment but I am working to catch up...honest...:o)

Thursday, 12 July 2007

A Prayer...

...for the stressed.

Found this on UK Scrappers -

"Grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can not accept and the wisdom to hide the bodies of those I had to kill today because they got on my nerves.

And also, help me to be careful of the toes I step on today as they may be connected to the feet I may have to kiss tomorrow.

Help me always to give 100% at work...
12% on Monday
23% on Tuesday
40% on Wednesday
20% on Thursday
5% on Friday

And help me to remember...

When I'm having a bad day and it seems that people are trying to wind me up, it takes 42 muscles to frown, 28 to smile and only 4 to extend my arm and smack someone in the mouth!


**do you think someone has been having a few bad days lately? - lol**

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Cream Crackered...

...sort of translated - I'm tired!

Yesterday I was up at six, over to my sister's, car loaded and on the M25 by 7.50am.

First stop Leicester to collect my neice then on to Nottingham to collect the cats. As we had some packing boxes we stopped off at the flat in Hucknell so that there would be room for the cats and all their belongings. All was going well until almost at Tom's grandma's and we hit a problem - road maintenance was blocking the road that would give us the most direct route to our destination. Off we went in the opposite direction to complete a circular tour of Nottinghamshire that would get us to the part we wanted to be in...

Some time later, we arrived!

Polite exchange of small-talk and the cats were duly basketed and loaded for a trip back to Hucknell.

Various sorting of belongings at the flat, re-boxing of cats, additional items added to the contents of the car, a ham salad roll, strawberry tart, and sis & I bid farewell to Kristy. She was staying at the flat to be there for the early arrival of the removal men on Sunday morning.

We set off on the journey home...

The main problem with yesterday was that it was hot, veeeeeeeeeery hot, too hot to be stuck behind the wheel of a car nearly all day. The fan was going, the air con was on but it was still hot and the air con was drying out my contact lenses. No matter how much I blinked my eyes felt gritty and the lids wanted to stay down...DANGEROUS...time for emergency caffine.

The service station prior to Newport Pagnell had a Costa Coffee **don't like as much as Starbucks, but hey, when needs must :o(** I must have looked pretty ropey as the girl who served me took one look and asked if I wanted an extra double shot in my latte, lol.

Ooooooooooo, it tasted good and the brief wander back to the car in a very pleasent breeze was just what I needed.

However, what I didn't need was the sight of half a dozen guys clambering out of a people carrier and making their way over to the row of trees and shubs right in my line of sight. My sister and I were totally bemused to see them answer the call of nature facing said trees - it was actually farther for them to walk to the trees than it would have been to walk to the loos (???).

Nature answered they wandered back to their vehicle and drove off...

The remainder of the journey passed without a hitch and Charlie & Benjy were reunited with the hammys and the chinchilla.

Some rearranging of furniture and the hope that the house walls would actually stretch to accommodate all the things that were due to arrive from Hucknell and I drove myself home. I don't really remember head and pillow connecting...

Today (Sunday) was the Artbase July crop - being holiday time we were a little low on numbers but the project was fun - a LO using the super Hero Arts clear stamps. I couldn't complete my page because I had managed to leave the photos I was to use at home...Doh!

Kristy phoned and said she had been delayed so wouldn't get to her Mum's local station before the staff left for the day. Being in a wheelchair this meant she wouldn't be able to get of the train. So arrangements were made for me to collect her from Upminster - just down the road from the crop.

Then it happened...!!!!

I got caught - on film that is. I normally manage to avoid being in front of the camera but Emma snapped me and very kindly printed the photo out there and then. Well, what's a girl to do...scrap it of course!

I have produced a LO but I want to tinker with it a bit before I post it for the world & his wife to see. :-D

Kristy was collected from the station and took her home, arriving only minutes after the removal men. Bid farewell and took myself home.

I'm too tired to play with the LO tonight so it will have to wait until tomorrow evening. You never know, I might even get the photos on the crop project page...stranger things have been known.........

Friday, 6 July 2007

I'm Spiderman...

...according to the quiz (link on Nicola's blog).

Not sure what happened though, I seem to have lost my pic **ho, hum** (had a tinker and got it back)

Your results:You are Spider-Man
Green Lantern
Wonder Woman
The Flash
Iron Man
You are intelligent, witty, a bit geeky and have greatpower and responsibility.
Click here to take the "Which Superhero are you?" quiz...

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Not enough...


Where does it go???

It's crop night tonight and I know I won't be able to complete the LO project because I can't find any suitable photos - but it will be done by the next Thursday gathering...promise!

The weekend is fast approaching and it's another trip 'op North'. More animals to collect **YES, I did say more animals** two elderly Persian cats to be collected and transported 'doown South'.

This time I will have a passenger, my sister, as there are other things that need to be done and they say many hands make light work.

So, it's off to Leicester & Nottingham on Saturday then it's the Artbase crop on Sunday. At some point I need to do some shopping, housework and washing.

Anyone know where I can get some more time...

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Someone with too much time on their hands...

...and I can assure you it isn't me!!!

Someone out there either has too much spare time or is deadly at Scrabble - wait 'til you see the last one...:o)

Just look what you get when you re-arrange letters...

Dormitory - DIRTY ROOM
Presbyterian - BEST IN PRAYER
Astronomer - MOON STARER
Desperation - A ROPE ENDS IT
The eyes - THEY SEE
George Bush - HE BUGS GORE
Gauteng - GET A GUN
The Morse Code - HERE COME DOTS
Slot Machines - CASH LOST IN ME
Animosity - IS NO AMITY
Election results - LIES, LET'S RECOUNT
Snooze Alarms - ALAS! NO MORE Z'S
A decimal point - I'M A DOT IN PLACE
The earthquakes - THAT QUEER SHAKE
Eleven plus two - TWELVE PLUS ONE

...and here we go **drum roll - ta, dah!** last one...

Mother-in-law - WOMAN HITLER

As I said, someone with waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on their hands, lol...

Thursday, 28 June 2007

All creatures great...

...and small.

On Saturday it was 'Aunty Toni to the rescue'. An urgent phone call from Mum on Thursday had set things in motion.

My niece and her boyfriend have been living just outside of Nottingham along with their menagery of pets.

Last week Tom got a job in Spain so arrangements had to be made for my niece to move back to her flat at Uni in Leicester so that the Nottingham flat could be vacated...problem...pets are not allowed in the flat at Uni.

So this was where I came in...

The pets needed to be collected and transported down to my sister so that she can look after them until other arrangements can be made. Aunty Toni Removal Service answered the call, lol.

Saturday morning saw me wizzing round the M25 and up the M1 to collect an undisclosed number of creatures. My estate car has never been so empty (it normally resembles a portable crop workstation - I mean - a girl has to be prepared when she goes out scrapping...) and the rear seats were folded down in readiness.

Weather 'up North' hasn't been too great lately (unless you have webbed extremities) so I was keeping everything crossed that I wasn't going to be battling up the motorway in heavy rain. Well, apart from a few short but heavy squalls the sun shone. I arrived in good time and the 'decamp' commenced.

Six larrrrrrrrrrrrrrge cages, tons of food & bedding, a Chinchilla and numerous Hammys in various colours and sizes were duly fitted into my car - pint into a half-pint pot, no sweat.

The little furry folk didn't stay in their cages they were all in travel boxes so that was additional bulk to be wedged in. My niece very kindly informed me that the largest hammy was an escape artist of epic ability but told me not to worry (????????????) "Honey likes the passenger footwell so if she gets out of her box that's where you'll probably find her" (probably???). I was also told not to worry if it sounded like some of them were fighting "they do that all the time, it's playing really...if it gets a bit noisy turn up the heating in the car and they'll fall asleep" **I didn't inform her that so would I, yikes!!**

The trip home was uneventful most of the way. Again, a few heavy, short sharp showers but nothing much until I hit the M25....................the world disappeared!

Rain so hard that the wipers couldn't cope, semi-darkness and IDIOTS driving without any lights on. I know the papers are full of comments about lightbulbs, carbon emissions, global warming...but, pleeease, common sense should drive safely you have to be able to see and be seen (doh!).

The last bit of the journey was horrid but luckily by the time I reached my sister's home the rain was down to a gentle spit.

How long does it take two females to construct six cages and re-house numerous furry beings?


The car was unloaded at 5pm and I finally climbed back into it around 9.30pm (and only one break for coffee during the whole time).

All the little furry beasts are snug back in their cages but are now located at their "grandma's". Beds, toys etc might not be on the cage levels that they were previously but the furry folk didn't seem to object :o).

Good job other arrangements were made for the fish..............................

Thursday, 21 June 2007

I'm a...

...Scrappy Happy bunny :o)

The page kit that Nicola produced for tonights crop was in shades of blue, brown and sand. As soon as I saw it posted on her blog I knew that it would be ideal for the pictures that I had found of a trip to Duxford with my niece back in 1995 (oooooooo how time flies).

That year seemed to be so full of days out - Hever Castle (my sister was navigating...we actually set out for Leeds Castle, LOL), Mountfitchet, Leeds Castle (did actually get there - Kristy navigated this time...), Tower of London, Sea World at Southend, Colchester Castle, Hatfield House, Duxford and probably several others that I will remember WHEN I sort through the rest of my photos.

I didn't think Kristy would want to go to Duxford again as she had been there the previous year but it turned out to be one of her favourite places and we went again the following year, and the year after that and she even manager to get her Uncle Paul to take her there a couple of times.

The weather wasn't always good for our visits but rain or shine we all seemed to have a good time.

I started this post with the comment that I was a scrappy happy bunny...not only did I get a double LO completed at Nicola's crop but I have also sent for another super Scrappers Unlimited kit (well actually - 2, **smirks, rather smug expression plastered all over face**).

This time the kit is a teeny book only 2.5ins high with lots of bead decoration. The pictures look absolutely fab. I had to make a very hard decision as Chrissie and her team are offering the kit in a choice of 3 colours - pink, green, blue. I had to be strong (hee, hee), well, I tried to be strong...I've only ordered two (green & blue) - my logic being that the Basque Book was mainly pink so I'm giving that colour a miss this time although looking at the pics it does look sooooo sweet in that colour option.

It is so tempting, but no, if I'm good this time (well sort of) I won't feel too guilty when the next kit becomes available...**very hard scrub at the halo to keep it glowing**

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Cats & Dogs...

...yep, it's really pouring down.

Boy was I lucky tonight...I managed to get home before the rain became anything more than a few spits :o)

However, since arriving home from work we have had thunder (close enough and loud enough to make the air shudder) lightening (and it sure did light up the sky) and the rain has just fallen down - just the odd inch or two to add to the statistics (BBC Essex announced that this is one of the wettest Junes Essex has experienced for a very long time - ahh, but will it be the wrong kind of rain...?).

It is still pouring down as I sit typing this and I can hear the passing traffic swishing through the surface water but for all that, the temperature hasn't fallen very much and it is still 'muggy' :o(

Fingers crossed things brighten up tomorrow...

Sunday, 17 June 2007

A thought... take into the new week.

"Creativity is so delicate a flower that praise tends to make it bloom, while discouragement often nips it in the bud. Any of us will put out more and better ideas if our efforts are appreciated." Alex F Osborn.

Have a good week...

Friday, 15 June 2007

How remiss of me...

...I didn't tell you, Starbucks has arrived in Stratford (East London, not Upon Avon).
Yipeeeeeeeee, hurraaaaaaaaay, YES!!!
Oh how I love coffee, not that you would possibly guess, LOL.
I sooooooooo missed not having my Gingerbread Latte's over the Christmas period but time just flew and I never seemed to find the time to get to the nearest outlets at Lakeside & Thurrock Retail Park (ho-hum).
Stratford has a shopping mall, roughly in the shape of a + with exits at 3 of the farthest points. I go into the mall every morning on my way into work as it is slightly less busy than trying to battle through there at lunchtime (I do stress - SLIGHTLY). I usually pick up something for lunch and grab the latest craft mags that take my interest. I used to also pick up a coffee from Tchibo until they modernised it and did away with their fresh coffee in favour of a vending machine (pah!).
Just outside the fartest point of the mall (next to Superdrug & MacDonalds) there had been a cheepy fashion outlet. After a verrrrrrrrrrrry extended closing down sale the store was boarded up for what seemed like 'forever'. So you know what it's like when you are so used to seeing doesn't always register that things have changed. It was only when a colleague mentioned that she had met a friend in 'Starbucks' that I found out about it. I must have walked passed there several times a week for about a month without even realising it was there...:o(
My only excuse is that I am usually suffering from commuter-i-tis first thing in the morning and it normally takes at least two mugs of coffee to bring me back to normal (yes, I did say NORMAL, I can do normal...well sort of...tee,hee).
Still, I know it's there now, and hey, I don't have any other vices so why shouldn't I treat myself to a daily latte...OKAY, I heard you, revise that...I don't have many vices, just shopping, crafting, obsessed with coffee - no you can't include scraping, that's art................:o)

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Whatever happened to...

...dialing your own calls?

I am just about fed-up to the back teeth of computerised dialing. Take this evening as an example...

Late home from work (surprisingly, not the fault of British Rail on this occasion). Not in the best of moods, it's muggy and even the brief shower - that I got caught in getting off the train - hasn't cleared the air. All I want to do is sit down with something 'quick' to rings!

Grab the phone only to have my 'hello' greeted by a lot of clicking noises and some background static. After a few repeats of 'hello' I'm just about to put the phone down when a cheery voice breaks through the static...the call wasn't even for me >:o grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Sort out food, just sitting down to check rings! More of the same - I hung up.

Few minutes rings! This time as I say 'hello' the call cuts off.

Phone rings! The dial tone is already back before I have the phone to my ear or have had a chance to utter a word.

What's even worse is when you punch in 1471 you get greeted by the message "Sorry, the last caller was from a Network that is unable to transmit numbers".

When I get in from work I don't want to be pestered by 'cold calling' whether it be to offer me a super designer kitchen or replacement windows on a b-o-g-o-f offer. Free holidays are never that, there is always a catch and if you want polite, sensible answers to your survey don't call me after a 90 minute battle with public transport. I also don't expect to have 'my time' continuously interupted by unsolicited calls...and wasn't there something about cold-calling not happening after 9pm..........???

Word of warning to all you call-centre & phone-sales staff...if you want to put me in a bad mood continue to have a computer dialing your numbers for you. That delay whilst your super machine connects you after I have picked up the phone is a sure-fired way to get the call off to a bad start. If you must contact me, don't do it in the evening and I would suggest that you learn how to dial your own calls so that you can be ready to greet me without all the clicks, static and ...........................................DELAY!!! :o(

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Been having a play...

...with my new lime-green Crop-o-dile.

Setting eye-lets is soooooooooo easy and punching holes in chipboard is like a hot knife through butter...easy-peezy!

Whilst "playing" I thought I'd have a go at coming up with some card making ideas that my neighbour could use with her Brownie pack. Having just passed her several boxes of embroidery threads that were no longer required it seemed like a good idea to have a go at spirelli (hope that's spelt correctly).

I tried a couple of ideas as 'toppers' and think this will be fine - quick, easy and not too expensive (the centre of the flower has an eyelet that I filled with glitter glue to give a bit of sparkle).
The Brownies love making cards and had great fun at Christmas adapting an idea I had, using CDs. They did really well, and sold lots of cards to raise money for their pack.
Must go and have a rummage through my cardstock off-cuts and get punching out a variety of coloured circles. A few dozen should keep them busy for a while...:o)

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

It cost HOW MUCH...

...£400,000...someone's 'aving a larf!

That "thing" on the right cost £400,000 to design, by some highflying design firm - the man on the street could do better, and from the examples in the press, he has done...

Oh, and just to try and make things seem comes in a choice of four different colours - wuppee, it don't think!

In the space of a couple of days around 40K folk have expressed their loathing of this logo by signing an on-line petition yet the Olympic 'bigwigs' have stated they are happy with it and are going to stick with it...they aren't the ones who are being expected to foot the bill whether they want to or not. That honour will fall to good old 'Joe-public'.

I work in what can only be described as the hub of 'Olympic ville 2012' - Stratford, East London. I joined with the rest of the folk to celebrate our success at winning the right to stage the Olympics. However...little can be seen of the promised Urban Regeneration and there is very little to be seen that could be said to resemble the super scale models and computer generated images that we were all encouraged to go and view...and it's only five years, and counting.

It would seem that the 'bigwigs' are of the opinion - it cost a lot so it must be good (doh!!!).

£400,000 - just think what better use that could have been put to...

Why did this have to be put out to a design company? Someone in todays paper suggested that a National school competition would have helped folk to feel more involved and even awarding prizes of Bronze (£30K), Silver (£40K) and Gold (£50K) to the three schools with the top three entries would have been cheaper.

Still, if nothing else, this logo has united the Nation in one thing - its dislike of that 'thing' above.

The Metro news paper challenged commuters to re-arrange the 'blocks' that make up the logo and come up with other images - imaginations have really gotten behind this and there have been some super 'fun' alternatives. If you are not lucky enough to travel in an area where the Metro is available you can view the pics on their

I'm sure this is going to run for a while but how long will it be before someone holds up their hands and admits - they got it wrong...

I think I have...

..."Commuters elbow"!!!

No!...Don't you dare laugh...It's not funny (I can hear you sniggering)...IT HURTS!

The last couple of days my right elbow has been really painful and I can only put it down to the fact that when standing on a train I hold-on with my right hand and my elbow, wrist and shoulder regularly get jolted as a result of the drivers' superb driving skills...:o(

It also doesn't help that, being right-handed, this is the arm I use to operate my mouse and obviously write with (hurumf!!!).

I'm sure it is to do with the couldn't possibly be anything to do with crafting, no way Jose, lol.

Still, if anyone thinks this is going to stop me attending the crop tomorrow...think again Batman...

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Anyone remember... New Year post and the pic that I used?

For those who missed it :o) here is a reminder...

Well, you are probably wondering where I'm going with this so I won't beat-around-the-bush. I have been having a bit of a knitting session again, trying to use up some of the yarn that just seems to multiply (funny that, my scrapbook stash has the same tendancies LOL) and I found a couple of balls of yarn that had the colour described as 'fire'.

I decided that the colour & yarn was just right for a scarf so made a start. It wasn't until I was some way into the knitting that things started to look a little familiar.

Spooky, or what...