Friday, 28 December 2007

What did Santa...

...bring you?

I finally got to unwrap my Cricut (was a combined birthday & Chrissy prezzie from Mum) but haven't played with it yet...
Made this notebook using my Bind-it-All - not bad for a first attempt, just a shame about the rotten photography :o(
The BIA was bought with birthday money but I got a BIA tote for Christmas so it is sitting all snug in it's new home LOL
I got all the usual stuff...smellies, sweeties and jewellery. Didn't get much stash but then I already have my very own mountain (hehehe) and I am more than happy with my new toys :o)
The Christmas tree to the RHS will stay up 'til 12th night - still don't know how I managed to install it, LOL, as I really am not that good at the wizzy stuff - will miss it when it's gone. Have never managed to install any blinkies or stuff like that...perhaps that is something I could try in the New Year.
Am trying not to look at the sales on the various craft sites as I really can't afford anything at the moment and honestly have more than enough stuff & stash to keep me going like for ever....

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