Saturday, 17 May 2008

Do you ever...

...have one of those days?
You know...wake up and the weather is grotty...kettle takes for ever to boil (not that the fact you forgot to turn it on has any thing to do with it LOL)...and something you wanted to buy had sold out :o(
Well that is how my day started.
Although it is the Artbase crop tomorrow I needed to collect a couple of bits for a friend and there was a lovely K&Co paper stack that I wanted to get. I logged on the website to check if there were any other goodies that Emma had added to the site and - HORROR - the paper stack wasn't could this be, they only came in a couple of days ago.
When I got to the shop I jokingly said to Caroline & Rachel "how could you sell all the Blue Awning stacks before I had a chance to get one" Rachel checked and there was one left - LUCKY, LUCKY me c",)

The colours are super and sooooooooooo lush. Don't expect to see anything made from this for some time to come - this paper will require some serious stroking..................LOL

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