Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Oh dear... it really a week since I posted.

It just goes to prove, time is flying and Christmas will be here before we know it.

My excuse (as if I needed one LOL) is that I've been busy - I was asked to make an Advent box and a Sleeps 'til Santa for colleagues so they are done and out of the way - now I need to sort out filling all my advent boxes so they can be given...December is approaching at a gallop.

I got to have a play with the new "Slice" die cutting machine at Artbase on Saturday - if I didn't know Santa is a bit cash-strapped at the moment I would certainly be wanting one on my list...perhaps next year.

I need a new tree this year but so far I haven't seen any that I really like - I don't want to spend a fortune but I do want a nice one. Saw a lovely one at the entrance to Mum's local Sainsbury's but it was only store decoration - not one they have for sale :o( So I'll keep looking. Tesco trees are half price at the moment so I might have to go and have a look there.

There still seems so much to do. I've still got loads of cards to make, haven't even started on the prezzies yet...where does the time go...Oh dear....................

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willow said...

Great blog, you have some lovely work on here. I have added you to the blogs I am folowing so I can come back and be further inspired