Monday, 13 April 2009

Oops I did it...


As usual when making cards for a specific event I was so busy getting them finished, written and delivered that I forgot to take pics (dohhhhh).

I do it every time **rollseyes** I complete the cards and seal the envelopes then realise I haven't taken any pics so I thought I'd better take a pic of the latest batch of cards I've just finished.

Luckily these were just random cards so they have been added to my card stock. A lot of them were decoupage kits that I've been playing with.

I've also been playing with some different shapes - the diamond pop-up card was the result of a thread on UKS that had links to instructions for various 'diamond top' cards. I've tried a few of the others - they just need decorating. I also had a play at making a spinny card after seeing a number of demos on the TV.

I really must try to remember to photograph my cards - I sent 3 birthday and delivered 4 Easter cards, none of which I have pics of - I will try harder LOL.............


willow said...

I am glad I am not the only one who does that, I have made loads of stuff and forgotten to take the photo's of them before I gave them away.
Great lot of cards, love the shaped cards myself but never seem to make any

ffroggie said...

Lovely cards Toni, I too am a fan of shaped cards, the diamond top being one of my currant favs, along with penny spinner ones. Decoupage comes way down the list, just above quilling lol.

kikimama said...

Doh, it's so easy to forget to take photos, isn't it? Love the look of these cards, very adventurous!