Tuesday, 11 February 2014

There are angels amongst us...

...honestly there are.

Monday morning I was at my local station before my alarm clock would normally be going off - why? - because I had to get to Cambridge for a meeting at 10am.

Not the most enjoyable way to start the week but hey, ho.

Now I've done this journey several times before so I know what time trains I need to get for the best connections. However, with it being a Monday I didn't want to run into possible "over running engineering works" so I aimed for an earlier train to give myself some breathing space.

Lot of good that did me...

I walked into the station to be faced by an indicator board showing - cancelled; cancelled; cancelled!!!

Signalling problems - and station staff were waiting for confirmation of when replacement buses would turn up - not a promising start to the day.

As I made my way out of the station to await the arrival of the buses (???) a lady came up to me and said she had overheard my enquiry about services and could give me a lift to West Ham station if it would help - see, there are angels around.

I've driven this route before and the traffic is not great during the rush-hour build up but Stephanie does this journey on a regular basis and was able to avoid most of the hold-ups. As we chatted, it turned out she works at the court just across the road from my office - so instead of taking me to West Ham she dropped me off by the court house so that I could cut through to Stratford station.

We had made fabulous time and I got my connection to Liverpool Street earlier than if I had done the whole journey by train... running through Liverpool Street station to find which platform they had put the Cambridge train on this time. I met one of my colleagues on the platform and a text confirmed the other one was on the other end of the train.

We all arrived at Cambridge...
...on time and by sharing a taxi we all arrived for the meeting earlier than anticipated.

The journey home was pretty un-eventful...apart from the fact we got on a 'slow' train that stopped at every lamppost along the way LOL

I hope my angel Stephanie had a good day - she wouldn't allow me to compensate her for any fuel costs as she said she was doing the journey anyway. I really hope that if she should need assistance at any time that there will be an angel for her...............................................................................

Footnote: I arrived at the Cambridge office before my text to my boss did...ain't technology great!


Lori said...

There are angels - how perfectly lovely of her!

Virginia said...

Oh my glad your angel was there to look after you, how fabulous is that!

sue jones said...

wonderful story :) <3

Stef H said...

i am a true (and big) believer that there are angels among us. what a blessing for you!

hope the nice weather has arrived because it sure hasn't here - LOL.

happy valentine's day!

hugs :)

Josie said...

What a wonderful little story, thanks for brightening my day. I found your blog by accident, but will now be popping back regularly!