Thursday, 20 March 2014

The first day of Spring...

...and the Sun is actually shining.

Yep, looking out of the window it looks like a lovely day (but boy is it chilly out there).

So, Spring has sprung but I don't think folk will be stripping off and heading for the beach again this weekend as the forecast is not good **sad face**

Apart from being wet & chilly, this weekend is supposed to be full of Sport Relief events - supported by Sainsbury's the supermarket chain.

Red Nose Day takes place every year here in the UK. In odd numbered years we have Comic Relief where tons of celebrities encourage us to "do something funny for money" and in the even numbered years we have Sport Relief where the idea is that we do something sporty.

Our office always try to support Red Nose Day but the 'sporty' years can be a problem - we have had sponsored bike rides, runs etc. but it is difficult to have something in the office that everyone can take part in...after a lot of thought, we have gone with weightlifting.

Yes, you did read that correctly, it does say Weightlifting!!! However, before anyone starts to panic...take a look at the weights we are asking folk to lift...

...we are having a Book Sale (with some CDs & DVDs thrown in too).

Staff have kindly hefted their unwanted weights (books) into the office and then after some weightlifting (picking up books/CDs/DVDs whilst browsing) they have parted with some cash and hefted a new selection of weights home with them.

We have been given a fabulous selection of items, many in 'near new' condition and most folk have given more than the minimum requested £££ Many staff saw it as a chance to have a bit of a Spring de-clutter only to head on home with more than they donated in the first place **rollseyes** but it is all in a good cause.

Our weightlifting will continue until next week when we have made arrangements for the remains to be split between a local book charity and someone who has offered to take the rest for a fixed price per item.

Are you doing anything 'sporty' for Red Nose Day?....................................................................


Claireliz said...

Great idea!
C xx

Virginia said...

Currently no workplace to join in with something like this, but love it as an idea - fab stuff!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

The most awesome idea I´ve seen this year! *drooling at the sight of book stacks*

Weasel said...

Damn - I'd want to come and rootle thru looking for books that I can either alter or use in collage! Well organised tho xx

Stef H said...

i love book sales. i used to read at least 3 books a week.... then i retired and found stamping! i think i've read 3, maybe 4 books in the 8 yrs i've been retired... tho i DO read my BIBLE every day! go figure!

yep, nice sunny and mild weather and now we go back to cold and snow. this has been a gosh-awful winter. i so want to sell my house. i cannot afford another winter in it - especially when a new roof will be needed. do you know a new roof is over $10,000???? that sucks! who has that kind of money? at least the insurance covers most of it, but i want out BEFORE that happens!

don't think we'll see spring - other than the few robins that have been around. no blooms on anything! i'll bet dollars to donuts we go from 30F to 90F. ugh!

how's that song go.... the sun will come out tomorrow? i'm hoping!

hugs :)