Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The fund-raising... still going well.

Things have slowed down a little with folk starting their holidays (schools have now broken up for the Summer break here in the UK) but the 'pennies' have continued to trickle in.

Here are the latest "makes" that I will be taking in to add to the stall...
...some more pom-pom key-ring/bag charms.
This one is just a mix of aqua and white...
 ...and looked pretty so I had a go with some pink and white...
 ...and the vibrant colour really does stand out.
I've been trying to use up odd balls of yarn wherever possible...
...these colours just seemed to have a Summery 'feel' to them.

I have noticed though, that different yarn brands vary quite a bit in their bulk. All the yarns above are Double Knit and I used the same pom-pom makers to make everything. However, the Summery clip is certainly smaller than the pink & aqua ones. I will just have to be careful with which pom-poms I use for each of the clusters that I make otherwise they could look a bit 'odd'.

The last of the tomato plants found a home yesterday and the books are continuing to sell steadily.

A colleague produced a Shipping Forecast map and we have been selling each of the Shipping areas for £1. There are 31 shipping areas around the UK...Dogger, Lundy, German Bite etc. and once we have sold them all we will draw a name and the winner will receive £20 - the £11 balance will go to the fund-raising.

We have just exceeded our £150 target but we will be continuing over the Summer period and will wait to see what the final total is before we 'call it a day'.

Hope you are all having a good week................................................................


Stef H said...

so your kids are just starting their summer and ours will be going back to school in about 3 weeks. that just sucks to me. the middle of august - usually the hottest time of the summer - and the kids have to go back to school. i always said it should be the day after labor day (or 1st tuesday in september). makes a big difference weatherwise too.

great pom poms. you are just soooooooo crafty!

therapy "tested" me yesterday. i had to do 4 laps down a long corridor. i did 3-1/2. my limp is prevalent and, surprisingly it has nothing to do with my hips. it seems my right knee turns inward which is what is causing my limp. then i had to do 15 stairs. i was told to go up and down the stairs like the bldg. was on fire. i went up in 7 seconds and down in 4 seconds. the norm is up between 5-9 seconds and down between 3-7 seconds. won that challenge. i'm hoping they'll tell me that tomorrow will be my last day. if not... i still like it so no problem.

have a great week.

hugs :)

aussie aNNie said...

awesome creations and glad the fund raising went well..

sue jones said...

Congratulations on the fundraising xx adorable pompoms :)