Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Chalkola pens...

...part one.

When I opened the parcel that arrived containing the Chalkola pens I was extremely happy with the range of colours that there were - greens, reds, white, black, yellow, mauve - to name but a few.

We have a lot of whiteboards at work and I normally add a bit of Festive d├ęcor to the ones on our floor of the office (not that my 'free-hand' artistic skills are anything to write home about LOL).

I decided to add some Holly to the corners and duly 'primed' two reds and two greens.

Now if you have used barrel type pens before, you will be familiar with the process of getting them ready to use. With the lid on (yes, I have made the mistake in the past of not having the lid on - gold metallic ink can be a rotter to clean off when splattered everywhere **rollseyes**) shake the pen up & down a few times, keeping it up-right. Remove the lid and placing the bullet tip on a hard surface - I used a post-it note on my desk - press up and down a few times to start the ink flowing down into the nib.

Warning: please don't be too impatient at this point. It will take a few 'pumps' of the pen to get things going but don't go mad. I was a bit too enthusiastic with one of the green pens and I made it blob and it also ended up with ink running down my hand when I went to use it on a vertical surface. This was totally my fault as it didn't happen with any of the other pens - and no damage done as the pens are waterbased and wash off easily.

The primed pens write smoothly on non-porous surfaces so it was very easy to create a little sprig of holly in the corners of the whiteboards...
...for the berries I did some red balls in the lighter red and then added the darker red for definition  With the leaves I outlined the shape with the darker green, coloured in with the earthy green and then added the veins. The picture shows my first attempt - not bad considering I was at full stretch to reach the corner.

The chalk ink dries fairly quickly but until it is dry it is easy to smudge - not a problem - have a wet-wipe or a damp cloth handy and you can easily tidy up any smudges or blurred edges.

As you can see, the colours are clear & bright.

My next 'try-out' is going to be on a jam jar - I want to have a play with the white pen. Having a bit of a scribble on my glass mat shows the white to be bold and clean - a true white. So that will be my next project with these pens.

I'll see you back here for Chalkola - Part 2.........................................................................


Redanne said...

Well that was a lovely treat to get in the post, the holly looks very festive on your white board. I look forward to seeing the white looks on a jar now! Anne xx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Well, those are new to me, I haven't heard of Chalkola pens at all! I wonder how you can use them, will have to check them out. I am SO nosey, lol!!
Hugs, LLJ 7 xxx

Sandra said...

I've never heard of these pens. Sometimes I feel so left behind on what's in and not xx