Monday, 16 January 2017

On this day... 1987.

We had snow - lots of it.

Nothing unusual considering the photos that have appeared in the media recently.

However, the heavy snow in the area where I live was a problem back in 1987 as my Sister was pregnant and went into labour.

It was touch & go whether the ambulance would reach her or if it did, it wasn't certain that they would make it to the local hospital. Luckily, she arrived safely at the hospital accompanied by my Aunt and there she gave birth to my niece.

Where I live is near to a main road linking with the oil refinery down by the Thames (now it is the Gateway Port) so at least part of the main road had to be kept clear for access. This helped with our getting off the estate but the hospital was accessed via country lanes so the family had fun & games visiting. But that was 30 years ago and now a distant memory.

So today my niece celebrates her 30th birthday.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY's hoping you have a fabulous one.

Best wishes from those of us 'down south'.................................................


Lori said...

Happy ending to a scary beginning! Have a wonderful week!

Redanne said...

There was a lot of snow threatened in our area but we only got about 1" in total - and they closed the local schools.... x

Sandra said...

What a happy memory xx

K-Dog said...

Thank you, what can I say I like to arrive in style! I shall give you a call to update you on my day, I will send you photos so you can appreciate fully what I have been up to. Love from the Pest of the North x