Friday, 16 February 2018

The world is full of...


  1. a stupid person.

    "we can't let these thoughtless morons get away with mindless vandalism every weekend"

Early 20th Century references to the word "moron" highlighted - adults with the behaviour of between 8 & 12 year-olds.
Every day I see so many people that fall into this description that I truly wonder how the human race has managed to survive this long.
Mobile Phones
The original meaning of a 'mobile' phone was one that you could pick up and take with you so that you could have phone access wherever you were. Not as it has come to mean - that piece of equipment, permanently glued to your hand and/or ear that is in constant use irrespective of where you are or what you are doing.
I commute to work via public transport and the amount of morons wandering through the stations at these very busy times is unbelievable. There is a young woman that I see most mornings and if she isn't chatting on her phone she is texting or gaming. She regularly trips because she isn't looking where she is going and the other morning she had a very nasty fall at the top of the escalator - 9 hours later she is going through the same station on her way home; eyes glued to her mobile and her thumbs rapidly texting away. Some folk just never learn.
However, what is worse is the 'parent' who has a small tot running around amongst rush-hour crowds but they are more interested in what is happening on their phone. So many possible horrors here a lost child, a snatched child, a child under a train.
We live in an age where the threat of identity theft is something that we all have to be on our guard against so why do some folk have extremely detailed, LOUD, conversations with their banks/building societies whilst sat on a busy train...complete stupidity.
Whilst I will agree that many drivers do not drive with due consideration for other road users, there are many cyclists that do not help themselves to stay safe.
There are a lot of cyclists in London and there are many cycle routes for them to help improve their safety but every day I see them ignoring traffic lights, cutting across traffic lanes and mounting pavements without any consideration for pedestrians...and the numbers that are dressed in black/dark clothing without any reflective areas or worse still are riding in the dark without any lights just beggars belief.
At home, I have to walk past a parade of shops to get to/from the station and the times that cycles are just dumped outside shop doors with no thought to how they could trip someone coming out of the store or the fact that they are blocking the footpath shows they have no thought for anyone else.

I do not understand the mentality of parents who allow their kids to go out on their bikes just as darkness is falling with no lights of any kind on the bikes...

There also seems to be some kind of assumption (whether adult or child) that if you ride on the pavement you don't need lights??? Stupidity or what!!!

I could go on but this really would turn into 'War & Peace' so I had better call a halt to my rant now (I'm sure I can save my gripes about drivers and inconsiderate parkers until another day). I'll step down from my soap box for the time being.....................................


Jane O'Sullivan said...

This post just made me smile as you sound exactly like me on my daily commute. Some mornings walking through Canary Wharf is like a scene from a zombie movie as they all stagger along, eyes down glued to their phones!

Virginia said...

Oh I hear you on all of these hun, drives you insane I tell you!