Saturday, 28 April 2007


...I'm it !!!

Yep, I've been tagged by Chrissie, she of "Life is scrap" fame (see link on right - although it's not working properly you can get to her blog...note to self: really must sort out that link some time sooooooooooooon. lol).

So, here we go then, the rule are (yes, sorry there are rules folks) list 7 random facts/habits about yourself. Then choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names (don't forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog - they also need to write the rules in their answer too).

7 RANDOM facts/habits...

1) Cutlery has its own drawer to live in in my house and each type of cutlery has its own little space. Hate it when items are put back in the wrong place and hate it even more if the handles don't point the same way in each little space :o( Obsessive, or what?

2) Things that should live in the fridge should not be left on the worktop (butter, marge, cheese etc) this really winds me up and I have to put them away before I can start on anything (DH is usually the culprit - he doesn't see the point of putting these things back juuuuuuuust in case he wants some more).

3) Love scented candles especially Christmassy smells. I'd be happy have the house smelling of Christmas all year long. :o)

4) Chrissie mentioned food in her "7" and this made me think about foods that I just can't put together. Love bananas, love bread & butter - banana sandwich...yuk!!! no way 'Jose' just the thought has me grabbing for the bucket...

5) Can't bear sticky or oily hands. Apparently, this is something I've had a thing about since being kneehigh to a grasshopper. I am not a compulsive 'handwasher' but there is no way I can relax on the beach after putting on the sun lotion/oil if it is still on my hands. Gotta have a good supply of wetwipes for these occasions.

6) Love, love, love sunsets. Really like the point when it is dark enough for everything to be in silhouette so that the colours in the sky make a wonderful background.

7) Swing music - Sinatra, Martin, Davis Jnr type stuff...Just love this type of music for humming along to and although much tooooooo young to remember the original releases, I do know most of the

Well, that's 7 random pieces of info about me, now I've got to come up with 7 folk to tag...

I'm tagging: - Nicola, Sharon, Missy, Kelly, Caroline, Myriam, Kristy (in the hope that she sorts out setting up a blog...)

Have fun folks...

(Not sure what happened with the big gap at the top but just can't get rid of it...)

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