Thursday, 17 May 2007

Nearly done... project from the May Artbase crop.

This month's kit was another lovely item from BoBunny. It's amazing what ideas folk come up with for scrapbooking projects.

This mini album was made from paper CD covers - I kid ye not - this really was made from CD covers.

The reason I say that I'm nearly done (LOL) is down to photos - there's a surprise - the topic of this project is "ME" so I have a slight problem here...

One of these days I really will sort out all my photos so that they are in one place and I can find what I want (ooooooooo, was that a pig I saw flying past the window...).

Anyway, I did finish the "Favourite things" spread (you can tell the kit is American - they can't spell - yet another word where they have managed to lose the "u").

The CD covers have a window in one side and on some of the pages this was highlighted by inserting pp behind the window. On the 'favourite' spread the window shows 10 numbered tags which hold details of my favourite things. I did these tags in no particular order, just as things came to mind - as you can see, I'm still thinking about 9 & 10...(but I did do the tags - and inked them).

The colours for this project were really lovely and spring/summer - yellow, green and blue. BoBunny do have some wonderful pp ranges.

Despite a grotty wet day, the crop was another great day out for craft minded folk. I really do look forward to my 'special' sunday each month. A chance to meet up with some lovely ladies that I only get to see at these crops and quite often there are some new faces. Whatever the mix, everyone seems to have a laugh and a real good time...

The June project is another BoBunny kit - a board book in the shape of a handbag, soooo sweet. No panics for June, I'm already booked and paid (this was done even before I knew what the project was going to be - obsessed, or what?).

Must keep an eye on the Artbase website so that I don't miss the posting of the July crop...

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