Sunday, 4 October 2009


...and completely exhausted.

Kristy and Dan were finally given a date for collecting their keys to their first lot of married quarters and that date arrived last Thursday.

After a poor nights's sleep (worrying that I would sleep through the alarm) I went to collect her, the dog and the other pets to transport them up to Catterick, North Yorkshire. I arrived to see the removal men still merrily packing the van - what they said would take little more than an hour ended up taking 3!!!!

As a result, we didn't leave 'til quite a bit later than we had planned but the weather was with us and the traffic was reasonably kind. Even with a stop for the dog to 'stretch his legs' LOL we were there in good time (about 4 1/2 hours) and Dan was there to greet us at the door - I will get round to loading the photos but at the moment I just can't be asked...

We wandered off to MacD's to get something to eat - leaving Dan and the dog to greet the removal men when they arrived, which they did just as we were sitting down to eat. We got back to the house just as they were finishing the un-loading (much quicker than the loading **rollseyes**)

The house is a two bed, end-terrace/semi (never quite sure what the correct term is when you have a row of houses, sort of linked by garages), in a quite close. It backs onto park/woodland so is not overlooked. The young couple were like kiddies that had been let loose in a sweet factory...

Two beds, lounge, dining room/office, kitchen, bathroom & toilet and two walk-in wardrobes...the one in the main bedroom is big enough to be a craftroom.

So with the remainder of Thursday unpacking and getting beds sorted we finally fell into bed to be up Friday to get stuck into more unpacking and food shopping. Saturday saw a trip into Darlington to obtain a hoover and net curtains - more unpacking, hanging of nets and re-arranging of furniture.

In the few days that they have been in their new house there has been sunshine, showers, galeforce winds and sleet!!! The dog still doesn't quite know what to make of it all but he loves 'his' garden and has been bouncing around out there like a new-born lamb LOL

Today I said farewell to the happy couple and made my way home (just over 4 hours - non-stop).

Kristy and Dan (oh, and mustn't forget Russell) I wish you all the very best in your new home. Lots of love, Aunty Toni xx

Oh and for everyone else...I promise, I will sort out some photos - just let me have a few days sleep first LOL.............................


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Happy new home to Kristy, Dan and Russell! :)

Have a good rest ... and then post some pictures, lol! :D

Mrs Elmo said...

Thank you Aunty Toni for all of your help. We have finally done most of the office just got to do upstairs now. Bec and I are half dead tonight, really can't wait for more boxes tomorrow wooo

Thank you Paula :-D