Sunday, 1 November 2009

November countdown... many things.

As you will have noticed from the previous post there will be a UKS cybercrop this month - February seems sooooooooooo long ago. But this isn't the only thing going on this month...

Wednesday 11th will be the last all-day card workshop before the new year. I'm so looking forward to this as Dawn's workshops are always super and the Christmas one also includes Christmas lunch - mmmmmmmmmm really scrummy.

Fri 13/Sat 14/Sun 15 is the long awaited cybercrop - let fun, chaos and mayhem take hold for a great weekend.

Sunday 22 will be the last Artbase crop of the year and it is also Secret Santa time - John gets into the spirit of things and dresses the part LOL
This year the gifts are to be craft based only. It is also my birthday this day so I intend to have a fab time.

So quite a busy month to come and this is without all the normal stuff of Christmas shopping "rollseyes". Have a great November everyone.....................

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Linda Elbourne said...

Busy but fun I reckon :0)