Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Well it has been...

...busy and we are only half way through the week.

Today was the last card workshop at Dawn's for this year and as is tradition it included our Christmas meal.

This is the classroom and the ball-trees that you can see were the first thing we made today.

Lunch was served in the dining room and as always Dawn and Brian did us proud.

The table was beautifully decorated with lots of hand-crafted stuff. Many of the items were variations on the panels used for the ball-tree.

Everything always looks so lovely.

Everyone had a cracker that contained a craft gift and a little Christmas charm.

We all stuffed ourselves with Brian's wonderful cooking...selection of starters, traditional main course and pud or pies for sweet.

Thank you Dawn & Brian for another wonderful day...can't wait until classes start again in March...................

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