Friday, 19 February 2010

Something new...

...well, to me anyway. Brayering!
I knew what a brayer was - one of those solid rubber roller thingies - but I had never used one. However, after seeing some examples of what could be done with them I signed up for a "let's test the water" hour & half!...full day of playtime LOL
Now, anyone who really knows me knows I don't do mucky - can't stand getting paint/ink on my fingers (I was always the child holding up their sticky hands to get them wiped with a flannel) I just don't like mucky fingers. So you may be asking why I would put myself in a position where I would get mucky - I wanted to learn something new!!!
With a bit of care, you can keep a lot of the ink off your fingers, but heyho, I had to give it a go. This is a bit like 'colouring in' in so far as you can play with different colour combos and I had a great time trying masking techniques (ain't post-it notes wonderful LOL) and different textures.

Using gloss card is my favourite and the brayering can give you fantastic backgrounds for stamping onto. You can also make your own coloured cardstock for die-cutting and many uses. I think a brayer will be going on the shopping list (I can always get myself some gloves LOL)..............................

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Eleni Gratsia said...

Beautiful work Toni! :)

I've had a brayer for ages ... need to play with it more ... :) BTW I love 'mucky' ... there's nothing better than getting my hands dirty ... LOL ... that's why I love scrapbooking ... wet wipes are always within reach of course!!! :)