Sunday, 30 May 2010

Kristy & Dan set sail...

...for pastures new.

Today Kristy, Dan & the dogs set off for what will be their new home for almost the next 3 years. Dan has been posted to Germany (near the Dutch border) so their household has 'upped-sticks' to move to the new home that the army has allocated to them - they are off on the ferry today and will be making their way to their new location in order to collect the keys to their new home, next week.

Can't wait for Kristy to send some pics of their new home as all we have seen so far is the sat view on Google appears to have a nice roof LOL

Kristy says she will be signing-up for German lessons as soon as they get settled - seems like the family has finally returned to its paternal grandfather came from Germany and not a million-miles from where Dan will be based so Kristy will have a chance to do some tracing of the ancesters.

I know Kristy is hoping to find some craft places within easy reach of their new home otherwise it looks like her grandma & I will be sending out emergency rations - Haribos for Dan and stash for Kristy.

Hope it isn't too long before they can get internet access as it would appear that phone services to the base are rather expensive.

Wishing them all the very best in their new home...and I will share any pics with you all - when I get some..........................

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lucy&digey said...

Good luck and best wishes to all. Esp good luck with the German lessons. I remember that at school - not my best subject!!