Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Butter fingers...

...yep, that's me.

Last night my poor mobile phone took a dive into an 'almost' empty coffee cup.

I say 'almost' because there was certainly enough coffee in the cup to give the phone a good soaking.

I then proceeded to spend until almost 2am trying to get the thing dry and working properly - I lost count of the times that I took the thing apart in order to hold the main body infront of my fan heater in the hope that it would dry.

First the PIN was throwing a wobbly and adding numbers (* symbols) at a rate of knots...boy did the battery come out super quick as I didn't want the thing to lock and bar my access.

Then I got the PIN to behave but the date kept sticking.

Horror of horrors when I got past that stage it started to re-dial last called numbers - at almost midnight I could imagine how popular I was going to be...out with the battery again; double quick.

At just before 2am I finally managed to get it working and everything behaving itself.

I really don't know how I managed to drop the phone in the first place but I can tell you this much - I'll be keeping it well away from anything that is even a tad on the damp side...I ain't going through that again...................................


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Glad to read that you managed to get your phone back to life! :)

Sandra said...

Oh no! Glad you got it working, I've read that if you put your phone in rice, that dries it out :) .... Maybe next time lol

Virginia said...

Oh you poor thing - I know from hubby spilling a full cup of coffee onto a laptop an age ago that tech and drinks don't go! Hope the phone is still behaving itself!

Debbie said...

Oh no, I live in dread of doing something like that!! Sounds like you had quite a traumatic time with it, glad it seems to have recovered! I wonder if the tip about sticking wet phones in rice to dry out is worth trying in these situations???

Debbie x

voodoo vixen said...

LOL... sorry Toni, but you did make me laugh with the calling numbers at midnight!! I seem to remember something about putting them in uncooked rice to dry them out but it may just have been something I dreamt!! :) Glad you got it working again!!