Thursday, 4 April 2013

"This week it will be warmer"...

...Like heck!!!

As we went into the Easter weekend the forcasts were for warmer temperatures this week. Not tropical or walk around in sleeveless tops type temperatures but about 7 or 8C.


Saturday had a biting wind and icy know the sort...not quite hail but not soft flakes - somewhere in between.

Sunday we managed to leave out the snow but we still had the cold wind...we did get the odd ray of sunshine but on the whole it was dull and COLD.

Monday was brighter but we still managed the icy snow stuff.

Luckily none of the while stuff settled over the Easter holidays so it was just a case of wrapping up against the cold.

Back to work on Tuesday (armed with a bottle of Fabreeze to deal with the 'after pong' of everywhere getting soaked the previous week when the office flooded) - surprisingly the office was warm...that has to be a first as normally long weekends result in us returning to what feels like an icebox.

Wednesday was dull and grey and bitterly cold.

Today (Thursday) guess what...Snow! Yep it was snowing before I left for work and it continued for most of the day - starting out as that fine icy stuff and working its way up to full blown flakes by lunch time - boy was the wind icy. However, nothing settled in London so it was a bit of a shock as we came around the bend on the train this evening as the fields just before my home station were covered in snow - not very deep; granted - but certainly a good covering. At the station there were cars covered in the white stuff and when I got home my lawn is covered too.

So much for the warmer temperatures.

Never least whilst this cold weather continues I don't feel guilty about buying more fancy scarf yarns...

...these were 3 I knocked up over the weekend when I was giving my hands a rest from all the paper cutting for my 'Place in Time' book.
Flash photography does not show these yarns at their best...

...the mauve and teal scarves have a self-coloured lurex edging which is really pretty.
The other scarf is a 'bright' mix of purple, orange & red...

...and looks lovely and warm & cheery.

I still have a selection of these fancy yarns (although I just might have to get some more of the mauve and teal **chuckle**) so I could be knitting for a while. It is certainly a lovely 'cosy' craft to pursue when the weather outside is far from pleasant.

Warmer temperatures? - at this rate I'll have a super collection of scarves to give as Christmas presents...................................................


Kim Dellow said...

Oh you so need those scarves. I'm so tired of this cold weather, but I'm trying to grin and bear it - it isn't working! LOL! Hope you keep warm this weekend Toni! Kx

Lynn Stevens said...

Better not pack up those sweaters or scarfs yet!
Wouldn't you know it, It was beautiful here all week when I was working. Now the weekends comes around and it rains. DRATS!!!

Sandra said...

You keep knitting, I don't think we can say goodbye to winter weather, just yet

Claireliz said...

Looks like you'll need those scarves for a few more weeks yet, they're pretty.
C xx

Debbie said...

Wow, you've had it colder than us by the sound of it! But I certainly needed a scarf whilst out and about this weekend! Those yarns are stunning. Happy knitting!

Debbie x

Virginia said...

Oh it's so cold isn't it loving the scarves but ooh for some spring weather - warmer please (preferably without the rain).