Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Pen addict - Moi?...

...surely not LOL

Lunchtime today a group of us went to our favourite little café in Southend and had a lovely lunch and a natter in celebration of Suzie's (Weasel) birthday.

I happened to ask in passing where TK Maxx was located as another colleague had mentioned that she had picked up a few bargains in there recently - so Suzie & I returned to the office; the long way.

Now I assure you all, I only went to have a look - pack of 24 reel of assorted ribbon and a pack of paper later...

However, that wasn't as bad as Suzie's purchases and of course I got the blame (me? how could anyone believe that LOL).

Back in the office, whilst showing off our goodies - I mentioned that I had been considering buying another set of the Sharpies that WHS has on offer. Suzie laughed and said that I hadn't really needed the first set but agreed that it was too good an offer to not buy at least one set...she then asked just how many pens I own...

Ummm, this is where the title comes in.

We sat and worked out that just counting what I consider to be my 'crafting' pens, I have over 800 pens - gulp!!!

I have: -

A complete set of Copic Ciao,
Promarkers (including the seasonal limited editions)
Spectrum Noir,
Aqua markers,
Distress markers (although they haven't arrived yet I have paid for the 12 new colours)
and now my limited edition Sharpies

Okay, so I have a thing about pens **giggle** but I do use them...umm me an addict, hmm...well......................................................................


voodoo vixen said...

You have how many? LOL Bet you can't find a pen when the phone rings and you need to write something down though... ;) Annette

Suzy said...

Err Missus thats some amount of pens lol.

However if you actually use them then I figure thats okay

Claireliz said...

800 ... blimey, that's a lot of pens.

Mrs A. said...

Wow. Not only do you have a thing about pens but your in Essex and not only that but Southend. My home turf. You can take a girl out of Essex but never the Essex out of the girl. In my defence I do not own a pair of white stiletto's!! Hugs Mrs A.

Lynn Stevens said...

Oh my gosh, that's almost as bad as my 500 gallons of paint. Of course they are for my job. LOL
I think I must have about 300 brushes though. LOL. wink wink from one addict to another!
Hugs Lynn

Kim Dellow said...

LOL! Toni, Toni, I don't dare count up my pens - gulp as well! I reckon tho' you might be nudging ahead slightly! I could not resist the WHSmith Sharpie and pencil case offer either. I tried to justify it by the fact that I had been looking to buy that set and was trying to find somewhere cheap to get them from and of course we need the pencil cases to put all our pens in don't we? Hey and you have got to LOVE the TKMaxx deals on American Craft products - Yay!
Oh Dear! I think that there is no saving us from our addiction! But there are worst things to be addicted too!
Glad you have liked my recent articles btw, thanks so much for dropping by to tell me. I haven't seen some of them yet!
Right, think I've rambled on too much! Hope you have a good week.

Carmen said...

OMG! I also have a set of Copics that I really should use more... but when I heard about the WH Smith offer I resisted and bough just one black Sharpie in Asda ;) I wasn't sure I'd use the rest. I'd say you have a problem but... if I had the cash I would be exactly the same with paint ;)