Monday, 25 August 2014

Are we nearly there yet... how I felt yesterday - and I was the one driving.

My niece Kristy has been living in Germany as her hubby was in the army and that was where he was stationed. Unfortunately, Dan was one of the thousands of service personnel who were made redundant as part of the Government cut-backs to the armed forces.

He was shipped back to the UK to see out his remaining months of duty. The posting was to the Nuneaton area (not far from Birmingham). The local Council have at last allocated them a bungalow to live in and they are in the process of getting it ready so they can move in properly.

Of course, Grandma wanted to go visit. So 'Auntie Toni' had the job of collecting some of Kristy's belongings from her Mum's house...pick up to Beckwith near Nuneaton.

When Kristy was at Uni in Leicester, I would drive up nearly every month (normally to deliver the famine-relief package put together by her Grandma - I'm sure my Mum thought she would starve without the added supplies LOL). However, since she has been in Germany there has been no need for me to do any long distance driving and as a result, the drive seemed very looooooooooong.

We almost got there without any problems but the change to the Internet directions that Kristy gave me for the last little bit of the journey after leaving the M6, were a little confusing and a telephone call later we were following Dan...we weren't that far away so we did pretty well.

The bungalow is a lovely size and it will be super once they have had a chance to make it their own.

Because they aren't yet living fully in the bungalow we went to a local restaurant for a lovely meal...I forgot to take photos of the lovely main courses but when the sweets arrived, I had to grab my camera...
 ...Kristy & I had these wonderful Mango surprise confections - vanilla ice cream, orange & mango sorbet, lime cooley, mango sauce and wafer tubes - yummy...
 ...whilst Grandma had a vanilla ice cream and orange sorbet mix...
 ...I think she enjoyed it.
Kristy certainly enjoyed her sweet...
...although I'm sure you would never have guessed LOL.

If you are wondering where Dan was whilst we were tucking in - he had to go to work (poor thing). Luckily he has managed to find a job and he is hoping that he will settle in to this new way of life fairly quickly.

The weather was beautiful so there were no problems with the journey there or back other than a few stretches of road works that slowed things down. However, it is such a long time since I did a 'there & back' in a day long journey, my hands were complaining this morning and it took a while to get my fingers moving (obviously too long holding the steering wheel).

I wish Kristy and Dan all the best in their new home and wonder when Grandma will want to visit again..................................................................

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