Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Poodle yarn info...

...for those who asked.

"Poodle" yarn is made by Stylecraft and comes in 100g balls.

If you follow the instructions that are on the inside of the ball band - one ball will make one scarf.

The yarn is a mix of 74% acrylic, 16% polyester, 10% mohair and is machine washable at 30c.

To make a scarf is very quick and easy, even for less experienced knitters as you only cast on 3 stitches and it is all knitted in garter (plain) stitch. My first scarf using this yarn took me just over an hour as I was getting used to the feel etc. but subsequent scarves were polished off in about 50mins - yes, it really does knit up that quickly.

The ball band recommends 5mm needle but I used 6mm - my choice and I know how my knitting works up (I found the loops in the yarn a little loose on the 5mm so the 6mm held the stitches a bit more comfortably).

I don't know how wide spread availability of this yarn is (we have all lost our local wool shops over the years) but the ball band contains the following site details

I'm hoping my local wool shop will be stocking up on this after the holidays as there are some colours on the colour chart that I would love to try............................................................


Sandra said...

I'll certainly look into this as I want to knit more next year (I'm a very basic knitter) and learn to crochet

Allison said...

hope you have a great New Year