Friday, 17 July 2015

This week has been...

...very hectic.

It has been murder at work but I was determined to participate in the Bugaboo Stamps "Christmas in July" and I'm pleased to say that I completed all 7 challenges.

The previous post contains details of each day's challenge and a photo of my make for that day.

There was a bit of a glitch with the last challenge because we were supposed to use the Friday Freebie image and the contents of one of the above presents...I think the gremlins invaded the system and as a result we were allowed to use any image as long as we used the contents of our chosen present.

I tried to be very organised this time and had coloured a large selection of Bugaboo Christmas images in preparation for the event. With only limited time available each day, this really helped as all I had to do was select the appropriate elements and construct my make for each challenge.

There is something fun & quirky about this event and I'm really pleased that I was able to complete it this year...............................................................


Redanne said...

Sorry it has not been a great week but I hope you have a lovely weekend to make up for it. Well done on completing all seven! Hugs, Anne xx

Jennie Hart said...

Well done to getting a challenge done in such a hectic week.
I admire the fact that for a busy person you always blog, I let it go the minute I am too busy as my creative energy goes!

I love the bugaboo stamps, I hadn't seen these before they will make lovely lighthearted cards. I love the decoration too :)