Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Waste not...

Every year I buy one of those slimline calendars for the kitchen and every year I throw away the envelope that comes with it - not this year !

Having attended crops/workshops involving the creation of mini albums using paper bags and envelopes I wondered what I could do with an envelope 6.5 x 14 inches. I made a Christmas card...

I had already given this to my Mum before I got the blog up and running so she very kindly let me borrow it so that I could scan the results. Just love the Bo-bunny winter papers. The scan doesn't show up all the detail as I would like, the glittery bits are much nicer in real life.
The envelope was folded in three so with the aid of the ribbons it is easy to secure it in a triangle shape which makes it far more stable for standing up. The envelope flap hides a pocket where some messages and memories are stored. Overall I was quite please with the finished result.

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Nicola said...

wow i am impressed what will you come up with next.