Wednesday, 17 October 2007

How can 10 days...

...make such a difference?

The trip to Ally Pally on 30 Sept was fab - no problems with the journey and generally a great day at the show.

Trip to Ally Pally on 11 Oct was terrible.(grrrrrrr, hurumpf) - bumper to bumper traffic (not going anywhere fast) grotty foggy weather and a disappointing show...:o(

As the latest trip was on a weekday we gave ourselves an extra 1.5 hrs to deal with the rush-hour traffic on the M25 - didn't help much as it still took almost 3 hrs to get there. Finally got there, got parked and in. It seemed as if it was less crowded than normal (this soon changed) and the stands were in their normal straight row arrangement so Mum was able to look at stuff more easily than at the previous visit.

Once again, I noticed that a lot of the BIG names were missing and there really wasn't much I wanted to get - came away with a cross stitch mag and some cross stich fabric - grand total of £4.50 (spent loads more on petrol). Mum did better and got herself a good selection of semi precious beads **we know what we'll be getting for Christmas, lol**

Journey home was just as bad. Might consider going on a Saterday next year.........

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