Sunday, 7 October 2007

Please don't nag,,,

...I know I've been a very bad blogger :o(

But the UKS Cybercrop is in full swing and there just ain't enough hours in the day (this is the bit where you all say "there, there, don't worry, we don't mind"

I'm learning soooooooo much **snigger** - did you know that in cyber world slippers are called 'baffies'??? - no I didn't either...

If you thought saturday night out at the Mecca bingo was exciting you obviously haven't played cyber bingo - 30 second delays between postings to the thread and constant hitting of the 'refresh' button don't do your blood pressure much good - and as for 'pin the tail on the donkey...perhaps we won't go there, LOL.

So, sorry if I've not paid you much attention but the cybercrop still has 2 more weekends to go what with it being the 5th Birthday of UKS n all...don't hold your breath waiting for me to drop by - I could be some time...........................

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