Sunday, 6 July 2008

I didn't go... the Stanford Summer Festival.

After all the noise at 1pm this morning from folk making their way home from the funfair - I decided to stay home and potter.

I needed to catch up on some HW and tidied the patio where the french-doors are. It was a good thing too...

The weather has been yo-yoing all day bright & sunny - dark & rain. It has also been very windy which limited the amount I was able to get done out in the garden :o( couldn't be asked to keep in and out every time it started to rain so I did get wet finishing off the planter - at least it is now done. At this point I decided enough was enough as far as the garden was concerned.

Didn't get all the HW done that I'd hoped as I really did feel washed out (no pun intended LOL) I don't tend to sleep well when there is a lot of noise outside as I worry that I'm gonna end up with broken fences or windows - it's happened before - I don't mind folk having a good time but I wish they would have a bit more consideration for those of us who might want to go to bed at a reasonable time and don't want drunken behaviour spilling onto their property.

Sorry, rant over....................

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