Thursday, 3 July 2008

Stanford Summer Festival...

...this weekend. Open to all who wish to attend.

Last year it got drowned out and if the forecast holds true it looks like this year will be damp too (oh dear).

The idea for the festival started with the millenium celebrations. Local traders and council officials decided that the town would do something to celebrate but they couldn't decide whether to celebrate 1999 becoming 2000 or 2000 becoming 2001, ummm.
As a result it was decided to hold an event in the middle of 2000 as a compromise and ever since we have had the Summer festival the first weekend in July.

The first couple of years were very well supported - the high street was closed to traffic for the sat & sun and there were craft stalls, street entertainers, a garden market & continental market. The weather also played it's part.

Unfortunately, the continental market stall holders caused a lot of problems for local traders - blocking delivery access and causing a lot of disruption in the area. The local council officials didn't help either - instead of using a bit of common sense and having the market on the playing fields of the rec (right by the town centre) they arranged for it to be held on the one and only car park. So people stopped coming because they couldn't park anywhere and public transport was not a viable option :o(

The last couple of years the town centre has only been closed off to traffic on the sunday for stalls and entertainment and the saturday event has been a pop concert on the rec on sat evening - this year - no pop concert!!! PEACE, I thought until I saw the posters on my way home tonight...there will be a funfair on the rec from this evening, right through to late sunday afternoon. I have to say there hasn't been much noise tonight but I think that might be down to the weather and the fact that probably no-one knows it is there LOL

Depending on the weather, I may pay the event a visit on sunday - if so I will get some piccies. But if it is pouring down...sorry...I'll be giving it a miss.........

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dddeeebbbzzz said...

You have two choices - if it rains you'll have to stay home and scrap or if it's a fine weekend you'll have to stay home and scrap with ear muffs on!!