Saturday, 4 July 2009

Soooooooo... this week.

They say we Brits are obsessed with the weather (LOL) but it is true...for weeks we have moaned about wind, rain and temperatures that haven't met our expectations for the time of year and then this week arrived...

It has been sooooooo hot this week, but not a nice hot (IYKWIM).

Now I can do hot, honest, I really can...but this has been yucky hot - can't sleep at night hot - outside like open oven door hot - can't breath hot.

Over previous months I've 'commented' (okay, moaned about) the Air-con at work. I've told you all how noisy it is and how it is like sitting in a force 10 gale - this week, couldn't care less (LOL), our floor/wing has been the only cool area of the whole building...we have never had so many visitors (hehehe), any excuse and folk have been wandering in - ain't it nice to be popular LOL

The Air-con hasn't been fixed so when this hot spell is over I'll be 'commenting' again, I'm sure. In the meantime........................

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Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Lol at the sudden visitors comment! :D