Sunday, 7 March 2010

I've just had a...

...wonderful play day.

Saturday here was bright and sunny but oh so very I was very glad that I was booked on an all-day class learning to play with alcohol inks (yes I know, another MESSY lesson) which meant I would be indoors LOL.

Andy had plenty of ideas for us to play with and he even took pity on those of us who don't really like getting mucky - he provided gloves. During the course of the day we produced five different items to bring home.

Item one; love 'em or hate 'em there are occasions when peel-offs have their place but oh isn't it annoying that they come in such limited colours...not any more! We attacked some dragon-fly stickers and a crossword peel-off sheet with colours of our own choice. Lucy (not a lover of peel-offs) had to admit she was impressed with the finished effect. We then inked some glossy card and assembled a very pretty card.

Item two; what do you do with boxes of tillrolls that don't fit your new till? You make paper roses of course LOL So armed with what seemed like yards of the stuff we set-to inking the paper which we then folded, twisted, poked through holes, twisted some more and highligted with some metalic ink...and voila!!! a collection of pretty paper flowers sat on the desk.

Item three; okay so ink is can you make it even messier?...add it to shaving foam LOL This is a technique that Andy has shown on his blog a few times but this was the first time I had seen it done for real. We each were given four pieces of glossy card, a can of shaving foam and some decoupage flowers. Then we were told to play. Everyone came up with a selection of really lovely coloured card - every piece so very different. We then chose one piece to assemble a card from. We also got to play with the Martha Stewart punches again - I used a pretty butterfly border that combines punched out images with dimensional images - love it (another one to go on the wish list **rollseyes**).

Item four; perhaps not the most inspiring of finished items but certainly a way of learning how to alter stuff using inks. A piece of card and a length of nylon thread containing plastic beads, flowers and butterfly shapes was inked to within an inch of its life...not sure what I can actually make with this but it is a good demo piece.

Item five; we coloured our very own Easter eggs. Starting with two halves of a clear plastic egg we coloured them inside and out and then decorated with...peel-offs! This was a bit too much for Lucy and she declined the offer of selecting a peel-off to adorn her finished egg LOL.

Now I know what you are all thinking...where are the pics?????? Well I'm sorting those out at the moment so you will just have to watch this space...................


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Cool! Looking forward to the pictures. :)

lucy&digey said...

Got the ink off your fingers yet? Tee hee. I'm just about recovered from touching all those peel offs *shudders*. Great work!