Sunday, 11 July 2010

Christmas in July...

...sorry, but it had to be done LOL

The workshop at Dawn's this week was such fun...four lovely Christmas cards and a number of different techniques played with.

The first card of the day was a dissolving card - the template and cutting of this was fine but unfortunately the Stickles decided not to dry so it has caused some problems with the mechanism. Because the Stickles got onto the back of the card it has made it difficult to slide - a bit like two pieces of sandpaper rubbing against eachother - so I will probably have another go at one of these but minus the Stickles.
The gatefold style card was very quick and easy and uses printed acetate on the front to continue the design of the PP that is inside. There are a number of ways of 'lacing' the sides of the card but I chose this so that I could have bows.
Normally one would create a card and then make/find a box/envelope to go with...not Dawn. After one of her shopping sprees in Michael's, whilst on holiday in the USA, she came back with a variety of seasonal envelopes which she has then created cards for. She created some background PP and the insert by scanning the envelope and playing around with the design. Then with the help of the Cricut we were able to replicate the sleigh on the front of the card - parcels and all...
The card that took the longest was the Star card. Christmas shaped windows were cut in the card panels for the interior using the Cricut and stamped images were used behind to tell the story of the Christmas Carol that was printed onto the tags.

A lovely pieceful session of 'grown-up' colouring allowed us to make each of our cards unique to us.
Needless to say, with all the matting & layering involved on this card there was no way it would fit into an envelope (and to be honest, the weight would make it far too expensive to post anyway) so we made a very simple box out of red & green card and the whole thing is held closed with some gold stretch cord.

More cards to add to my collection as I really couldn't part with any of them but I will be using the ideas to create some of my own that will be sent/given to friends and family.

So I'm now up to date with posts from the workshops and unfortunately there won't be one in August as Dawn's hubby Brian has to have an eye op. However, I can let you all know that the September workshop will be more Christmas cards - now there's a surprise - LOL...........................


Claireliz said...

Fab Christmas cards, I tend to leave mine until the week before Christmas :)

Winnie said...

More nice cards! At least you've got a head start on Christmas cards. I don't even start to think about them until at least 15th Dec!

Debsg said...

I am determined to have a little Christmas in July this year.

caroline said...

toni a friend of mine has some artbase stamps going spare as she dosen`t think she`ll be able to fill a card up by the cut off time would you like them?
c x

caroline said...

hiya toni yeah my friend lives in bempton she was one of my first mailorder customers ans we`ve been close ever since, she said she`s going to post them to me this week so i`ll bring them with me on saturday.
c x