Sunday, 7 November 2010

Wednesday class...

...the calendar.

Pauline (Andy's mum) took the class and the idea was to make something quick & easy that could also be used as a gift. This idea was certainly quick and the result is a useful calendar.
Although the basic construction was quick we also got to play with the new dies from the DoCraft "Woodland" range. This bit was time consuming. The results from the dies are beautifully cute but there are just so many 'bits' to put together - many of which are very tiny and fiddly. I decided to use the hedgehog although I still think it looks like a teddy being hugged by something big and furry LOL
The back of the calendar has a pocket for holding a few general cards - great to have them to hand for those last minute occasions that you have 'almost' forgotten.

With the Christmas season approaching at a rate of knots this idea would be great for the kids to make as gifts for teachers or items to sell at their school/Brownie etc. Christmas fayre. Perhaps a pretty pic or a bit of decoupage would be easier for them and certainly a lot less fiddly - but something to be considered.

I liked the basic idea so I've cut out some bits to make my own take on this...I'll try and take some step-by-step pics later today..................

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Scrappy~Sarah said...

lol about the hedgehog - can see it too. Fabby gift there :)