Friday, 18 March 2016

So much for... trip to the seaside.

The sun was out - lovely.

However, I'd forgotten about the change to the C2C timetables since December - not so lovely.

So yes, there was a beautiful blue sky...
 ...with fluffy clouds on the horizon...
...but I had to wait for almost half an hour for a train and boy was it chilly.

The only 'up side' to the new timetable is that most of the services heading away from London during the morning go all the way through to Southend Central - so no platform hopping at Pitsea.

Southend was beautifully bright & sunny but unless you could keep in sheltered areas it was cold.

I had forgotten how the high street is all hustle & bustle on a Thursday due to the stalls of the street market - after all, it is 3 years since I was managing the team at Southend. Gosh time has flown.

Of course, being in Southend I couldn't pass up on a quick nip into The Range and I did come away with some of the new Gorjuss collectible stamps. I have a bit of a 'love/hate' relationship with the Gorjuss girls - I fall in love with the images but am often disappointed with the results of my colouring as they are quite big stamps. The collectibles are a cute smaller size so I'll give them a go.

Perhaps not having to go to Southend on a regular basis is a good thing because to get from the station to the office I have to pass too many tempting shops - at least in Stratford I have the option of walking straight to the office without going near any shops LOL

Back to my own office today and then it is the weekend - yay!!!

Unfortunately, it looks like Mother Nature is saving on the electric at the moment as it looks pretty dull and murky out there. I'd better wrap up well - have a good day folks.........................................


Lori said...

Oh, waiting in a chilly wind - not fun! But sounds like you'll fun with the smaller gorjuss images. Your coloring is always beautiful!

voodoo vixen said...

Shame about having to wait around in the cold but you obviously had a good time once you got there! I am probably lucky that both the scrap shops in a 20 mile radius of me have gone... so now I just keep using all the old stash up!

Sandra said...

It's certainly chilly for sure but I just want it to stay dry for a little longer.

Virginia said...

Yes the beautiful sunshine this morning has now disappeared behind the much promised cloud, but we've got the garden cut which is a win win, I like the gorjus stamps and range but I've not always had success with some of them, as i find the stamps too hard to stamp with - maybe it's just me?