Friday, 21 April 2017

Fundraising for the RNLI... still going strong.

I sent out an email to everyone at work asking for donations that we could use as raffle prizes and folk certainly 'stepped up to the mark'.

These were the photos I took just before the Easter weekend...

...and there have been a few additions since. People are so very generous.

What with end of year performance reviews and a complete restructuring of our line of business things have been a little slow on the charity front. However, even with just the trickle coming in from book & craft sales we have managed to almost reach £900. It is hoped that our raffle will boost interest and we should make the £1000 by the end of May - fingers crossed.

I have to say a very BIG thank you to everyone who has contributed to the fundraising.

It has been an interesting year of fundraising - book sales, craft sales, shipping forecast sweepstakes, raffles and afternoon cream teas - all done without any 'hard sell' as I didn't want folk to feel pressured into participating.

I will be continuing with the fundraising for the RNLI as I think it is a very worthy cause - I just need to come up with some ideas for the coming year to keep interest high..........................................


Virginia said...

Your fundraising posts always make me smile!

Redanne said...

What a fantastic job you have done, fingers crossed you get to the £1,000! x

Lori said...

Great job on the fundraising!

Stef H said...

our church holds what we call "pantries" we have a food pantry the 1st and 3rd tuesday of every month which is FREE and open to four local towns; we have a clothing pantry which is held 2x a year which is FREE to all who come. just come in, browse and take. we are truly blessed.

i will most likely keep my blog. it's been 9 yrs and i really hate to just close it... especially if it meant i wouldn't get to chat with you. so, fear not... i'll still be here just not as frequent. blame it on my "exciting" life! NOT!!!

hugs, my friend :)

Bubbles said...

All of our family give to the RNLI - such a worthy cause, where you know exactly where any monies raised are going, and what the money is used for.
I am a sucker for certain charities - I give to the RNIB, RSPCA, NCDS, Naomi House, Macmillan, CRY, PDSA, Greenpeace, and 3 veterans societies. Oh, also 4 other animal charities and the Guide Dogs too.
Maybe I should pick one or two and help do some fundraising rather than spread myself so thinly? lol

It is lovely to see people being so generous - lifts the spirits :)

Marianne's Craftroom said...

You should be so proud of your fundraising, such a worthwhile cause

Sandra said...

You really are the kindest person xx