Monday, 3 April 2017

What a week... much to do, so little time.

It is the end of the performance year at work and everyone has been busy putting together their self-appraisals. It is not a time of the year that anyone enjoys as there so much pressure to get everything you want/need to say into 500 words.

For me as a manager, there are 12 x 500 words to read through and 12 x 1-2-1 chats to carry out.

It doesn't tend to leave a lot of time or energy for much else.

However, despite everything that has been going on - Mother Nature decided to grace us with s few lovely days with temps more like Summer than Spring.

The grass got a trim and I started to look at fence panels & planters that had become very shabby over the Winter.

Probably the easiest thing to do would have been to just stick with the current fence colour - Red Cedar - but no...I decided I needed a change and ended up spending far longer at my local DIY super store than I intended.

I decided to change to Forest Green.

I got home, unpacked the car. Then the doubt kicked in.

So instead of getting stuck in on the fence at the front of the house, I had to 'try' the colour somewhere it wouldn't really show if I didn't like it.

I went for the back garden side of the back gate.

One & a half hours later...

The back gate is newly stained and looks very nice but I had forgotten how long it takes to get a good coverage as there are lots of nooks & crannies on the fencing.

This is not going to be a quick job.

Let's hope Mother Nature is generous with a few more lovely weekends so that I can actually get the front fence done.

The planters got a tidy and a couple of pots of lavender pansies but I have my eye on some sage coloured planters.

The next thing will be to give the front door a new coat of paint. Do I go for "Forest" or "Sage"?

Decisions, decisions...............................................................................


Marianne's Craftroom said...

A busy time of year. We bought paint for the front door as we have a new blue garage door. I would go for sage rather than forest.

Redanne said...

Oh, decisions, decisions. I am sure whatever colour you go for will be lovely, it is always so nice to see freshly painted front doors. I hope the appraisals go well - I certainly don't miss that part of work! Anne x

Sandra said...

The weather really has been kind to us, hasn't she. Altough I fear we're still due I a cold snap, so I'm keeping my woolies close at hand, just in case.

It's always good to have a change, and painting a fence is a big job, well done. I look forward to a photo of your newly painted door when it's done.