Thursday, 29 March 2007

Finally... some photos developed.

Although the weather in Gosport the other weekend was not great (understatement!!!!) I did manage to get a few reasonable pics on the Saturday morning. I promise, I will get around to creating a LO, just as soon as I find some suitable
You might just be able to make out the Spinnacker Tower in the middle of this mish-mash of pics. As a point of interest, this building was supposed to be called the Millennium Tower - you've guessed it, it should have been finished and open to the public to celebrate the new millennium. Instead of opening for the start of 2000 it was over 2000 days late and didn't open until October 2005...ooooops!
What with this and the delays to the new Wembley Stadium, it kinda makes you wonder about that rather big, forthcoming event in 2012...>;o

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Chrissie said...

CAN you IMAGINE if the Olympics is a shambles because the builders are slow (having cups of tea...?)


And where is a picture of YOU?