Saturday, 17 March 2007

Yesterday was...

...The BIG One

Red Nose Day 2007

We have a pub at the 'Village' end of our road and they decided to go all-out for this weekend starting with RND'07.

As it was a lovely day DH suggested a walk down to the pub for lunch - great idea when not feeling 100% (no cooking, no washing up, no clearing away - yes, yes,yes!) so off we strolled.

Locals now refer to this pub as "The Inn", it's a lot easier as this watering-hole has had a name change...originally call "The Village Inn" it underwent a complete renovation a few years back, along with its name, and is now called "The Inn on the Green". This name is slightly misleading...whilst the small stretch of road that runs infront of the pub is called 'The Green' I doubt there has actually been any 'green-stuff' out front since the Great War (even that is debatable) still it is roughly the centre of the 'village' - Church one side, barber shop to the right, florist, bank & Pub - the essentials of 'village' life.

I digress...

The Inn was suitably decked in RED, along with the staff, and posters announced a whole host of fun planned for the day.

This is the first time I have been in The Inn at lunchtime and was impressed by a good selection of food all priced at £3.50 - we each had a 5oz steak with all the trimings and it was great. Nothing overly fancy, just good old fashion pub-grub.

The menu had been 'altered' in honour of the occasion and there were RED Nose burgers, BIG One Hot dogs and several other tasty (??? - lol) items that I can't recall.

Whilst enjoying our meal the fun began...

A professional hairdresser had offered her time and was willing to snip at any barnet for a suitable donation (it seemed to be mostly fellas who took advantage of this offer - I think because a £5 donation was cheaper than going to the barber across the road) :o) But probably the most fun was had by the lass from the local salon. She was offering 'waxing' for a suitable donation. Men, booze, waxing...strange combination. Have you ever seen building site navvys, the size of the proverbial brick ****house, reduced to shreeking wimps by a 'size Zero' female??? No? It has to be seen to be believed - hawwwwwwww, hawwwww!!!

It was all in a good cause and several fellas were sent on their way with smartly clipped hair and very smooth lower legs :o) There were suggestions that 'other' (*use your imagination*) parts of the male anatomy should under-go the wax treatment but strangly enough there were no takers...wonder why???

In the beer garden (well, paved patio area at the back of the pub) was the RND version of a bucking bronco - a HUGE red nose in the middle of a bouncy castle - minus the castle bits. For those of you familiar with the characters of 'Little Britain', The Inn has its very own 'Dafyd' (not sure that is spelt right...) and he was game for a laugh at trying out this super-sized rotating, bucking, conk - he actually did quite well..........

RND'07 was well supported at The Inn and I hope they raised a lot for this very good cause.

Today is St Patrick's Day and there are various events planned along with a special low price for the Irish nectar - Guinness. Hope St Paddy's day is just as much fun.......

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