Monday, 5 March 2007

The Weather will be fine...

...yeh, right - huh!

DH decided that it was time that I got to see the boat that he and his mate run as a charter down on the south coast.

The first problem was that it clashed with Artbase's March event so instead of going down to Gosport early Friday morning and returning late Sunday we had to be back Saturday night. The second problem was that when all these arrangements were being made, DH forgot that he was on a training course until lunch-time laid plans, and all that.......

Still, Friday morning was when the garage arranged to collect my poorly car so everything was going fine :o)

Everything was packed, I waved bye-bye to my car on the back of a low-loader and as soon as DH stepped in the door bags were grabbed and shoved in the car - we were off.

Now it is a while since I have been anywhere near a boat and whilst I pride myself on being a reasonable sailor (tummy-wise) I don't like being on a boat in bad weather, so I had checked the weather for the south coast on the BBC website. The forecast was fine for the weekend (although I did note that hail was on the way for Tuesday, on-wards) so everything seemed set for a good time - why do I ever believe anything that the weatherman says????????

We made very good time on the road, sun was shining, and then I saw them...dark, horrid clouds just filling the sky. DH was very 'up-beat' about it and said that the clouds were not in the direction that we were ultimately heading (???). Ten mins later the wipers were swishing...

We arrived in Gosport and decided to park and catch the ferry to Gun Wharf - shops, shops, shops :o) - before going to the boat. The ferry was a bit choppy but not too bad and despite the pouring rain it was good looking round all the outlet stores - I was very good (*Toni smiles whilst polishing her halo - lol*) I only purchased a handbag and a chunky jumper. Well actually, DH purchased them...:o) A hot white choc latte and a muffin and it was back on the ferry to the car.

The following pics are from the charter blurb as the weather was not reeeeeeeally suitable for taking photos...

The lower of the deck plans represents the layout of DH's boat.

The boat was very snug despite the howling gale and lashing rain, outside, but glassfibre doesn't deaden the sound very much when you are trying to sleep.

We had a great evening with friends at The Pump House trying one of everything on the Tapas menu between us and their prailine hot choc is simply to die for, mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Walking along dark, wet, windy jettys is not my idea of fun and I didn't sleep very well due to the banshees howling outside.

Saturday dawned bright and sunny but verrrrrrry cold. Hot bacon baggettes in The Pump House were followed by a brisk walk to the market in the highstreet. Lovely start to the day but thermal undies would not have gone amiss, lol.

DH decided we would drive to Lymington. The drive through the New Forest was great.

Lymington is very quaint and there was a market there too. As we arrived it was starting to cloud over so we decided to have a quick wander up and down the high street before the weather changed for the worse.

Back down by the Quay we found a lovely restaurant called The Bluebird (pics of Donald Campbell and his speed atempts were everywhere). The homemade veg soup was scrummy and the Mussels with shallots in white wine and cream sauce were delish. Whilst we tucked in to this super nosh the rain arrived...

We managed a quick walk to the boat yard but everywhere was so muddy (my new trainers are in need of a damned good clean - hurumf, grrr, yuk, poo) and the rain kept threatening with little squawls.

After a quick visit to friends DH drove home. Not having slept well the previous night I spent most of the journey in that twilight world of being able to hear the radio and the road sounds but not really with-it...asleep, but not asleep...if you know what I mean. Arriving home I don't remember very much after my head hit the pillow.

Well, I've been, I've seen and hopefully, next time I won't end up with a cold...atishooooooo

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