Thursday, 22 March 2007

Today is Thursday... shattering news, nah!

Just thought I'd give Nicola a bit more warning that her crop is next week LOL. So Nic, you've got 7 days...and counting

Went back to work Monday, still not feeling 100% but not feeling bad enough to justify staying off work :o( Wish I had though! My desk is right under the air circulation vent and for two days I have sat under a cold draft...needless to say, my cough is doing well (hummmmm).

Yesterday was booked as leave so that I could go to the hairdressers. Unfortunately, DHs cousin who works in the salon had forgotten to book my appointment and the day was fully booked (she had also forgotten to tell me that my stylist doesn't work on a Wed, doh!!!) so a rather wasted morning.

Couldn't do very much with the morning as DH had booked me an induction at his gym, cute, we can both go and get hot, sweaty, and breathless together AND pay for the privilage. Still, positive thinking - I will go to the gym and I will get fit (how often do you have to repeat this so that you actually believe it?????).

So, the hair has to wait another week - DH has said he will call in at the salon to make sure it is booked this time and back to work today...>;o

Feel like throwing my dummy outta the pram as it is cold out there (very heavy frost everywhere this morning - brrrrrrrrr - teeth chattering already at the thought) and the likelihood of the vent having been fixed is less than zero. Think I better dig out an extra scarf to wear, IN WORK...........

Quick edit: Nicola - we have used a few 'vintagy' papers lately so how about some of the new pastels? Not necessarily for Easter but to try and remind us that Spring is on the way :o)

If Bev wants to get rid-of I'm sure Mum can make use of. The change in weather has kept her indoors so it will give her stuff to do - Ta!

No change to hair, just due for a trim - fringy bit has got quite long already. So don't go teasing John that it's not me again...

Okay, I won't throw my dummy outta the pram but it was cold yesterday and BR was on a roll (well no actually, it wasn't rolling anywhere - we sat going nowhere for over 40 mins because something had hit a bridge ahead of us...). They apologised for the 'slight' (?????) delay.


Nicola said...

dont remind me i need more time to think up something ..... any ideas....

Nicola said...

talking of scarfs Bev has had a sort out and has lots of wool for you if you would like it for your charity knitting i was meant to tell you last thursady but i think i must have stayed away from you without realising :)

No dummy's throwing out of prams i hate buying new dummy's...

Also your not going to shock us with another new hair do are you still not got over the last one :)