Thursday, 2 August 2007

Have you seen...

...all those blog quizzes out there?

I went for a wander via Life of a Scrappers Husband (link on right) and had a whale of a time trying the various topics - problem is...still not too good at creating links within a post :o(

Never mind...

I had a go at lots of the quizzes and could have spent even longer.

Apparently I am a "Life Blogger" according to the 'what type of blogger are you?' quiz.
I am the planet Pluto (don't ask...he,he,he), I am a plain glazed dohnut (???). I am also a Fall - no, not 'fallen',LOL - Woman (that's Autumn to us Brits) in the What season are you?

There were tons of others and I did get a bit carried away **now who would have guessed** perhaps I'll have another dabble when I have a moment free...

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