Sunday, 21 June 2009


...Wedding cards.

This time for a friend.

Pete & Connie's wedding is next week and I have really struggled to come up with a design for their wedding card that I thought would be suitable.

I have spent much of today 'titty-vaiting' and have come up with two cards...

I have made a card with a cutout inside displaying dangling hearts and a "hide & seek" card - I think I will be giving them the cut-out card.

A sheet of A4 pearl card foldeed in half, a second sheet with a heart shape cut from the centre and folded like a 'w' and some hammered gold card for decorating inside the spine and down the edges. Cream organza ribbon, some gold peel-offs and some glitterations border strips.

...tried to keep it classic but un-cluttered.

The hide & seek card came out better than I had hoped (only the second one I have ever made) but I'm not sure the couple would understand the mechanics behind the design.

I love these cards and the fact that they hold a surprise.

A sheet of A4 pearl card 'w' fold. Two A5 sheets of hammered gold card - folded lengthways and slightly trimmed. Glitterations border strips and alphas plus a selection of gold peel-offs. The trickiest part of these cards is probably the cutting and folding of the base card to allow for the gold card to slot in - then it is just a case of decorating.

This card will go into my card box and hopefully I'll be able to give it to someone who crafts and will understand the workings.............


ffroggie said...

Hmmmmm, much as I love the hide and seek cards, the cut out one is VERY classy, love what you have done with it too :)

Scrappy~Sarah said...

beautiful cards :) Love them all :)