Sunday, 11 April 2010

First completed challenge...

...for the cybercrop.

Queenie Tree (Teresa) our Thimble leader for the coming CC set us a weekend challenge if we wanted to undertake it...create our very own workbox/treasure chest to store all the little goodies that get created in the run-up to and during the CC.

Well here is mine..........
It started from very humble beginnings - an empty washing tablet box.
The box was covered with sunbleached effect planking PP, some peel-off hinges were dulled down with ink, 7 gypsy drawer handles fixed to either end and some blooms.
The inside was lined with velvet paper to give it a plush feel (not the best of pics). Unfortunately, the velvet paper didn't stick very easily so I had to use my red-line DST...surprising how much it used - note to self: GET A LOAD MORE BEFORE THE CC!!!
The top was decorated with a Prima spray and some flowers punched from the velvet paper and silver cardstock.
Looking at it now you would not think it was a grotty washing tablet box about to head for the bin LOL

I'm pretty pleased with the finished item - just need to get a couple of velcro fasteners to attach to the lid and then it will be complete.............


ScrappyDandyDoo said...

Oooooo Toni, this is so pretty :D
Well done :D
J xx

Winnie said...

Toni, that's a gorgeous treasure box!!! It must smell really nice too being an empty washing tablet box. Pity we're not on the same team this time!

Karen said...

I really love the box, gotta hunt out one now and try to follow your work :)