Saturday, 24 April 2010

Saturday's early morning...

...kick-off LOL

Although the first class today was billed as a beginners class it was actually fun to do and got the day off to an easy start.

Although I have lived in other houses, this is the first 'character' property that I have owned and I love it and it's history.

The main LO shows a pic of my house taken from a local book - "A Pictorial View of Stanford" - and apart from the in-fill of buildings around it, the house looks pretty much the same.

The idea behind the class was to include hidden pics and/or journalling - not sure that this pic clearly shows that there is a flap under the main photo.

Not the best of photos (got some glare on the corner) but the pics under the flap are outside shots of the house as it is now.

The house is not as old as you might at first think - it was built the year the Titanic sank (LOL) and so will not be 100 years old until the year the Olympics come to the UK in 2012. However, until after 1915 it was the only property along this side of the road (there are pics showing views of the area from the top of the church tower at the end of our road) and the only neighbours were two small cottages across the road and a haystack.

I love my house and wonder why it has taken me so long to actually scrap some of the pics................

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Winnie said...

I love your house too - it looks so beautiful! I do love a house with history and character. Love the LO too. :D