Friday, 23 April 2010

Happy St George's Day... one and all.

The sun is shining and I hope it stays a lovely day so that the English can celebrate their Saint's day.

Last year I spent the afternoon & evening with a group of friends sitting by the riverside in London's docklands enjoying a meal and a bevy or two. The sun was beautiful and we sat out in t-shirts listening to an Oompah Band (yes I know...not very English but I don't think a Brass band playing the 'Floral Dance' would have created the same fun atmosphere LOL). We had great fun trying to guess what tunes were being played in the 'Oompah' style.

This year the same group had decided to do something similar but go further into the City this time - I won't be joining them. This year, St George's Day sees the start of the latest cybercrop on UK Scrappers so I'll be celebrating along with my fellow crafters (I'm sure I'll still be able to raise a glass or two LOL).

So as I watch the sun and beautiful blue sky through the study window, I wish you all a very happy St George's Day........................

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Julia Dunnit said...

Well, that's a sacrifice indeed - very saintly! HAve a super weekend then!