Friday, 13 August 2010

Two years to go... the Olympics 2012.

(hate this logo - LOL)
For those who may have missed it, and if you did - WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? - many of the National papers have been running features in the last month or so, highlighting the countdown to the Olympics. We have been treated to lots of CG pictures showing us what the Olympic site will look like by 2012.

Problem is, will it????????

I work in Stratford and yes, building work is going on at quite a pace but knowing how long it has taken to get this far...there are doubts.................

One thing that the Olympics will really need is a good public transport service, yeh, right, the Docklands Railway extension runs along side the Jubilee Line that I use every day and is supposed to help bring visitors to the area for the Games. About Eastertime the workmen poured a load of concrete to lay the sleepers on - today they were digging it all up! This new service was advertised as being open Summer 2010 - that's right, this year...don't think so.

So if this is an example of the deadlines that are being set
**rollseyes** I think folk should be stocking up on some spare paintbrushes and DIY stuff cos I can see there being a "call to arms" to help get it all finished LOL I'll be watching out for the call-up papers in the post LOL......................


purply bunny said...

lol that doesn't surprise me!

Winnie said...

I agree, that logo is awful!! I didn't hold much hope for the Sydney 2000 Games, but they pulled it off! The transport was terrific, but only for the month of the games. Then it went back to its usual awfulness. LOL