Saturday, 11 September 2010

Another class...

...making Christmas cards.

Dawn (Bareham) was back doing her cardmaking workshops this week so off I went on Wednesday for a bit of 'playtime'.

Although we knew we would be making Christmas cards we didn't know that the theme this time was...Construction.

The first card we made was a theatre style card and although we used it for a Christmas scene, it could so easily be used for any occasion. The card is constructed like a box and you open the 'doors' to reveal the scene inside.
The tree was cut on the Cricut - green card for the top layer and gold mirriboard for the background. The cuts in the green layer were curled outwards then decorated with polysnow & stickles.
The church & the trees inside the card were cut using one of the newer Cricut Christmas cartridges (can't for the life of me remember which one - doh!!!)
This side step card was to show how easy it is to create a scene just by a bit of careful cutting of some scenic card. The trees are staggered to create depth...and of course everything was stickled to give it a frosty glint.
This card was not easy to photograph (hasn't helped that today is really pants as far as light is concerned). Rather than decoupage the layers of the winter scene they are used, concertina style, to extend the dimension of the card...oh and yes, more stickles LOL
This card was probably the most basic as far as construction was concerned but is goes to show that even simple matting & layering can look very stylish - especially when you add a bit of real goldleaf. The stain-glass window was printed onto acetate and then the rear was covered with a sheet of goldleaf before being adhered to the card. The goldleaf gives a depth to the image that the colour printing alone did not achieve.

Another great day (and lunch LOL) and a few more ideas for playing with here at home.

Next month Dawn has said it will be more Christmas cards but the techniques will be 'back to basics' with more emphasis on stamping, embossing and colouring-in (oooooo, I love a bit of colouring-in) can't wait...........................


Winnie said...

Wow, some awesome 3D cards there. You definitely seem ready for Christmas! LOL

Mole said...

Wow, what patience, I could never cut that lot out and not bleed all over my handiwork!